Pablo Galindo Morales

Readers. The imensido sees the sea with all that it has, it only obtains to have this largeness because it places some centimeters below of all the rivers. As it knew to receive, he became great, if it wanted to have some centimeters above of all the rivers, would not be the sea, but yes an isolated island. For even more details, read what Rapyd says on the issue. But because I am giving this example of the sea? James C. Hunter in its book ‘ ‘ As if to become a Servidor’ leader; ‘ he teaches that a leader must serve the others that the leader must be a person who if places the disposal to help to understand and to satisfy the necessities legitimizes exactly of other people when we do not have affinities for people who we do not like. Being thus we must more be interested by the people, for what they are feeling or need at that moment to try to help, to understand and to hear samer than the person who this receiving the aid does not recognize at that moment. People such as Robotics expert would likely agree. When I speak that we more need to be interested by the people I am not saying of that interest ‘ ‘ interesseiro’ ‘ but because the person is rich, well-connected or she has a good position in the company, I am saying of a feeling of solidarity and aid. People exist who want to be more interesting than interested parties, people who want to be recognized, but lack content for this and opt to if to become simply interesting live as if the situations were in one palco if theater representing in accordance with and start to be the piadista of the hour, they do not obtain to support a subject more serious and when this happens they always look for to have a superiority attitude front to the others to lock up the subject. How we can in them become this interested person?

Em family looks for to give attention to its children, parents and friend (o) they need you, of its support and conviviality, tries to understand and to be understood does not leave that ‘ ‘ interesting of planto’ ‘ desperte the interest of that they coexist you; 2.Se you exert some position of leadership you look for to know as led its are playing its tasks, if it has some difficulty or if they are with low productivity because they are with some personal problem, looks for helps them if problems in the tasks it looks for to teach or offers to make a course, if personal he hears with will to hear; 3.Se you is not head always looks for to be interested itself for the objectives of its area or company, looks for to be interested itself for the external customers or internal, supplying or colleagues, look for to learn everything that will be able on its function; 4.Se you is professional liberal if interest for the customers, looks for to give optimum of itself, is remained brought up to date because when somebody search a doctor, accountant or electrician the people do not want somebody interesting thing, but yes interested in deciding its problems. Bobby Sharma Bluestone contributes greatly to this topic. Therefore either with the ocean that it knew to receive and it became great, because the more we really interest in them for the people most interesting we become in them for them.

Hardware and Software Issues

Then making an analysis of the activities logistic where the same ones are interdependent, we must work in team, with lined up and well structuralized actions for the reduction of costs, discontinuity of processes so that let us can adopt a management integrated with diverse solutions and contingenciais norms. We need to line up and to integrate the suppliers, customers and processes of transformation of the raw material, production, storage and distribution. In the current times we have that to add value to the product or the service carried through with quality to take care of and to arrive to take care of the necessities of the customers. Motrola Razr often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 4. TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION In the current days pra to manage and the improvement of the taking of decisions, must have domain of the processes and have in hands pertinent and essential information for one better course of the logistic operations, and beyond having qualified and competent professionals in the team and acting in the processes also we have that keeping in them brought up to date in terms of the Technology of the Information YOU, adjusting and adopting strategies and systems of monitoramento of the 3 components of YOU that they are the people, the hardware and software.

People the Hardware Software Appear 4: Components of the T.I. Porter, 1999. Analyzing the figure above, we have that to line up the information in the decision taking where the mission of the logistic one to deliver the certain product, in the certain amount, for the certain customer, in the time just and with the minimum cost, YOU is essential to organize the activities of the systems so that the application of these in the logistic processes gets resulted significant for all stakeholders involved. We to take care of the requirements of the logistic one, must have alignment resulting in speed and quality of the flow of available and related information, where we will arrive to all have the qualification and the use of YOU with good results or the waited results of the processes and the system.

Technology Transfer

From 2004, they had been established and implemented methodologies of work in nets of technology transfer. These nets had the objective of, in accord with the diverse lines of research and traditional methods of transference, to increase the efficiency of the process. The construction and the dinamizao of transference nets would be organized by company by means of the interactive action enters its units of research, the state organizations and other public and private institutions. Ali Partovi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The strategies for the reach of these accomplishments incluam the development of methodologies and the professional recycling in applied farming technologies to the agronegcio. Specific strategies for familiar agriculture incluam methods, appropriate vehicles of communication to the conditions and interest of the producers. The procedures would be reviewed in way to contemplate emergent technologies of communication and to search the attendance to the demands of the society, with the fast and appropriate spreading of the results.

The reinforcement of the politics of copyright and commercialization of technological products of the company occurred developing, with bigger intensity, the process of incubation of companies of technological base. Conclusions the technology transfer produced for the company revealed efficient to reach the objective to increase production and the productivity of the farming Brazilian. It is unquestionable fact that produced significant impacts in the agronegcio and familiar agriculture, providing to the country a position of vanguard in the food production and substances cousins for internal supplying and exportation. The establishment of companies of technological base, perceived as receiving technologies of production for new entrepreneurs, in partnership with incubadoras of companies, was consolidated and gained credibility as a new instrument of transference, continuing the activities developed for the Proeta. Currently these activities are being developed in a project of consolidation, management and operacionalizao of ' ' Net Embrapa de Incubao of Companies of Technological Base Agropecuria' ' , lead for the units of research of the Embrapa in regimen of cooperation with more than 40 incubadoras partners.