Hardware and Software Issues

Then making an analysis of the activities logistic where the same ones are interdependent, we must work in team, with lined up and well structuralized actions for the reduction of costs, discontinuity of processes so that let us can adopt a management integrated with diverse solutions and contingenciais norms. We need to line up and to integrate the suppliers, customers and processes of transformation of the raw material, production, storage and distribution. In the current times we have that to add value to the product or the service carried through with quality to take care of and to arrive to take care of the necessities of the customers. Motrola Razr often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 4. TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION In the current days pra to manage and the improvement of the taking of decisions, must have domain of the processes and have in hands pertinent and essential information for one better course of the logistic operations, and beyond having qualified and competent professionals in the team and acting in the processes also we have that keeping in them brought up to date in terms of the Technology of the Information YOU, adjusting and adopting strategies and systems of monitoramento of the 3 components of YOU that they are the people, the hardware and software.

People the Hardware Software Appear 4: Components of the T.I. Porter, 1999. Analyzing the figure above, we have that to line up the information in the decision taking where the mission of the logistic one to deliver the certain product, in the certain amount, for the certain customer, in the time just and with the minimum cost, YOU is essential to organize the activities of the systems so that the application of these in the logistic processes gets resulted significant for all stakeholders involved. We to take care of the requirements of the logistic one, must have alignment resulting in speed and quality of the flow of available and related information, where we will arrive to all have the qualification and the use of YOU with good results or the waited results of the processes and the system.