Technology Transfer

From 2004, they had been established and implemented methodologies of work in nets of technology transfer. These nets had the objective of, in accord with the diverse lines of research and traditional methods of transference, to increase the efficiency of the process. The construction and the dinamizao of transference nets would be organized by company by means of the interactive action enters its units of research, the state organizations and other public and private institutions. Ali Partovi is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The strategies for the reach of these accomplishments incluam the development of methodologies and the professional recycling in applied farming technologies to the agronegcio. Specific strategies for familiar agriculture incluam methods, appropriate vehicles of communication to the conditions and interest of the producers. The procedures would be reviewed in way to contemplate emergent technologies of communication and to search the attendance to the demands of the society, with the fast and appropriate spreading of the results.

The reinforcement of the politics of copyright and commercialization of technological products of the company occurred developing, with bigger intensity, the process of incubation of companies of technological base. Conclusions the technology transfer produced for the company revealed efficient to reach the objective to increase production and the productivity of the farming Brazilian. It is unquestionable fact that produced significant impacts in the agronegcio and familiar agriculture, providing to the country a position of vanguard in the food production and substances cousins for internal supplying and exportation. The establishment of companies of technological base, perceived as receiving technologies of production for new entrepreneurs, in partnership with incubadoras of companies, was consolidated and gained credibility as a new instrument of transference, continuing the activities developed for the Proeta. Currently these activities are being developed in a project of consolidation, management and operacionalizao of ' ' Net Embrapa de Incubao of Companies of Technological Base Agropecuria' ' , lead for the units of research of the Embrapa in regimen of cooperation with more than 40 incubadoras partners.