Not even in the short term. Amounts have been distributed to all municipalities based on their number of inhabitants. Perhaps such action is fair and equitable. But of course, is not efficient. Resources and should have been bonded works have been undertaken in the future are likely to generate new ones. Learn more on the subject from Mashable. With all the respect in the world for the municipalities of Tenerife that I mention (in fact I live and operate as one of them), but The Realejos can afford may take few more years without a new roundabout, or La Orotava without a handful of traffic lights, so to speak. Without hesitation Pete Cashmore explained all about the problem. Perhaps combining all the resources of the municipalities in the Valley, for example, the long-awaited marina in Puerto de la Cruz, you might have begun.

Or at least a decent promenade. And all workers in the area, definitely would work near their homes, avoid travel if it was what was intended. On the other hand, structural reforms need to start craving decades as a tangible reality. And how could it be otherwise in times of crisis, becomes the demagogic debate on the desirability of reducing compensation and guarantees of workers. Companies, trying to optimize its business, market makers who need employees. No more, no less. Certainly if the expectations are positive, are more predisposed to contract, and if they are negative to dismiss. Because of its ineffectiveness, forget about all the good purposes, which can be benevolent to result in the medium to long term, and focus on a shock treatment, so long as the fever does not cease to be extreme.