Metro Air Terminal

Rose hastily, bathes and has a moment of indecision to doubt what lotion to use, wondering what will be the one that contains the elixir that makes captivate the woman who is about to meet. It is 6:15, while leaving his house turns to see his favorite saint and winks and asks you to please lend a hand to him that everything goes well. Sale of house and hurried out the car and starts a run swift and fast not only to the airport, but the sentimental and emotional encounter with the person who has absorbed the thought. The flight goes silent, no problems, the only turbulence is its spirit. Through the window you see how the city longed rapidly approaching, thought that at some point in that city, someone is already waiting.

His hands sweat, absorbing heat begins to invade your body and a state of anxiety oppresses his chest. The captain announces that it’s time to fasten seat belt, the plane is heading to the airport and after a slight wobble, glides down the runway, bound for domestic arrival hall. The heart beats fast, I just got a message that says: Hi Are we there yet? and replied that yes, he just landed. Exit the airport and as previously agreed, is directed to the Metro Air Terminal, where it runs but fly to reach it. Kai-Fu Lee contributes greatly to this topic. It’s rush hour, the crowd seems to be agreed upon to prevent the passage: With permission, with permission, desperate screams and finally gets in the car: Your Destination: Terminal General Anaya. The nerves are on end, have gone only about ten minutes drive and he appear to have been centuries. He turns around to see the route guidance and realizes that only needed a station to arrive.

The heart is out of place, their temples bounce as knots trying to explode a painful knot pressed his chest. Anxiety in all its splendor. At last comes to the General Anaya Terminal, go down, turn to see his watch, the appointment time is near they had agreed to ten in the morning. In this case, your phone vibrates, it’s her, hurried answers it and listens to say: Sorry, I struck a tire and I will take a little bit, do not despair. The answer is the classic Do not worry, here I hope to stay. He spent an hour and a half and it does not arrive. He is desperate, thinking the worst things in the world is not going to get, who made fun of him, it was a useless trip. However, it comes when you least expect it, the sound of a horn almost explodes in your ears, turns around and realizes that she is not known, but his instinct tells him is his princess in all its splendor. Crossed eyes and their eyes fill with emotion. The physical presence far exceeds the expectations that had been shared before. The arrow is instant chemistry emerges is mixed and intense infatuation. A tender kiss seals their meeting is a prelude to a busy day and passionate. . . The rest I leave to your imagination. a fond I am an author who likes to occasionally write a story, I hope that you like because in some way reflects what is already very common among people. . . and Galana chat over the Internet.