His work

Since history of art the late 1880s until about 1915 stems and flowers of this artistic egyptians art movement that will have seen plenty of work throughout your life. Ranging from painting to architecture, from the craftsmanship or the silver work, the artists who embraced the Art Nouveau clashed with the trend of the time, more academic: his intention was that the art form part of any part of everyday life , Darian life and so not only jewelry, architectural elements, furnishings and other room, but move their concerns to many other fields. If the poster has left us since the late nineteenth century heritage of extraordinary richness and variety, the Soviet poster had a special place in their evolution ancient paintings over the first half of the twentieth century because of the importance attached by the State Soviet all manifestations of popular culture so much as the mass media.
The poster is more than half of commercial advertisements or propaganda for the regime of the Soviets: it is a tool of transformation and education of the people. don