Property Management Committee

If you want to understand the situation, bringing it to an absurdity Article 32 of the Civil Code regulates that "the owner has the right to claim property when property is lost by the owner or stolen or departures in addition to its will '. If you compare this article with Article 167 of the Civil Code of the consequences of a void transaction, then between these articles is a significant difference – in the first case, the property claimed back and 'goodbye', and second – there comes a two-way restitution (the return of funds, ie, "each party shall return to the other everything received in the transaction '). Each court decision is unique and the judge, based on internal conviction, may impose any of these articles in the event that the transaction invalid. In 2009, the Administration of Saratov claimed unlawful possession of your property by means of vindication of the claim, that donated to the Orthodox church. Controversial property from 2000 to 2008, was sold three times and each time the state on behalf of the frs in the Saratov region recorded the transaction and transfer of ownership, of course with a mandatory holding legal examination. I have repeatedly tried to claim in court that same 'legal expertise' in that state on behalf of the frs on the Saratov area generously explained that legal expertise – this is speculative, highly intellectual process of the state registrar, which materialized only in the consciousness (subconscious?) official. This legal act is remarkable in that a court has been proved – the property dropped out ownership of the Administration of Saratov 'beyond his control', namely the sale contract (!).

The treaty was signed by the authorized body – the Property Management Committee of the Administration of Saratov, 'misguided' Order official. 'Misled' committee 'unwittingly' got ot the buyer market value of the property to the account. Once the money has been disbursed (8 years) before Administration of Saratov was a question about the need to donate the Orthodox Church, a controversial premise. Further was a matter of technique – the Administration of Saratov is easy to prove in a court of general jurisdiction, that the property dropped out of her property against her will, and reclaimed the property in recent buyer (pensioner Muratova). Must not only be familiar with the Civil Code, but the main thing – the right to use it! Where is legal expertise? Where the state's responsibility for public ? The same place where the money of the pensioner Muratova – absolutely fair, as the two previous owner? If someone thinks that I am not something is not finished, concealed, or representing your primary sources: the decision of the District Court of the Volga city of Saratov (case 2-1705 2009) Administration of Saratov recover from Muratova nm non-residential premises at the address: Saratov, Russia. 24.

Cassation ruling (case 33-3830) upheld the decision. Saratov Regional Court on 11/18/2009, the definition did not find violations in the administration of justice. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation 14.12.2009, the definition number 32-F09-673 refused to transfer supervisory appeal for judicial review of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. It is appropriate for a few minutes each to present yourself in the place of the pensioner Muratova nm, which remained only to learn by heart art. 2 hpa rf – 'civil trial should help to strengthen law and order, prevent crime, the formation of respect for law and justice. "

Roller Accessories

Roller accessories are important and brings more security a scooter fan appreciates his vehicle not only the practical benefits, but also especially the great driving pleasure. In order to enjoy the ride to the fullest and carefree, heard some accessories on board, even on the shortest trips. Even if it is the scooter not just a ride, but also a cult object, the security at the wheel should go quite generally always are at the top. Negligence in this area can have very unpleasant consequences. A proper equipment to security-sensitive roller accessories with appropriate clothing and of course always a helmet on her head should be mandatory for any fan of the scooter. The cyclists must have equipment in his scooter as different types of clothing available. Should always on special for the two-wheel drive manufactured protective clothing with incorporated safety protectors be taken into account. In the winter he needs Scooter riders otherwise it can be quickly uncomfortable necessarily a jacket and trousers, which are wind – and waterproof, while driving.

He’s wearing the correct clothing, there is actually no bad weather for the die-hard fan. This is true not only for the convenience, but is also a health issue. A kidney protection should therefore never abandoning, in summer as in winter. For convenience when driving in the winter, seat and handle heating are pleasant accessory options. Whether you need this depends of course routes, to get back with the roller in the cold season.

Also the appropriate footwear includes the helmet definitely safety relevant accessories for cyclists. A special motorcycle boots is essential for protecting the feet particularly vulnerable to injury during falls. There are models for the summer and insulates variants for the winter. Good tire for the big scooter not only in the car are important, but also the Bikes require a firm grip. Tires are meant, because they are designed to provide safety in all weather conditions.

For Coast

Colello (2004) still affirms that great part of the failure pertaining to school is, today, tributary of an impersonal system that, disrespecting the individual or cultural differences, is turned only toward the group of pupils already in tune with the pertaining to school universe. It says that the reduction of the interlocutors and the vindication of silence in classroom finish for if configuring as mechanisms of incompreenso and abandonment, whose resulted if they make to feel in the indices of evasion, repetncia, problems of learning or behavior. 1.3 – FAILURE PERTAINING TO SCHOOL X SCHOOL Exists some theories that place the school as cause of the failure pertaining to school. For Coast (2003), the reality shows a different scene total where to the school, main instrument for the propagation of knowledge, does not allow that poor children if appropriate of this knowledge, since they do not create the necessary minimum conditions so that this occurs. Schools exist that poor children take care of and we cannot generalize, however with some rare exceptions these schools possess a quality of the services destined to this clientele very low what it contributes to aggravate the problem of the failure pertaining to school. We can also observe that the failure in if treating to the alfabetizao is more frequent in pupils of lower social classes and that the schools with its conditions of precarious education in the reality finish being the responsible ones for the failure of the child. Following this reasoning Coast it complements: ' ' While the children of favored social classrooms more have access chance the school since early, conditions of acquisition of pedagogical toys, diversified pedagogical material, privileged computer, books for the school etc, great part of the poor children glimpses in the school the privileged place for access to these goods, having, most of the time, its expectation frustrada.' ' (Coast, 2003).


Many companies are looking for ways to increase their reach, thus to improve their customer contact. They extend their infrastructure by globally distributed employees and locations”, said RAM Appalaraju, Senior Vice President of marketing, Meru Networks. A simple, reliable, seamless and efficient Wi-Fi solution which can integrate the offices in the corporate networks is required. With the new AP1000i series we provide a secure, scalable, and reliable Wi-Fi solution immediately available, distinguished by its low entry price at the same time.” Images can be requested at: about Meru Networks: Meru Networks is a leading provider of wireless infrastructure solutions. Merus air traffic control technology with the benefits of the cellular mobile radio world Wireless-LAN environments together.

Merus wireless system is the only solution available on the market, which coupled with corresponding scalability, security and convergent voice and data service that provides acceptable bandwidth and over-the-air quality of service, through a single Wi-Fi infrastructure. Learn more about Meru under:. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors.

Comprehensive service and support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of Reseller round off the service portfolio at extensive installations and projects on the ground.

Milk Honey Bath

Vitamin B: six different B vitamins which together form central motor for the metabolism. Vitamin B2 is very good for the skin, hair and nails. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is the Queen of beauty vitamins. It has smoothing and accelerating cell growth. In the cosmetics industry a more stable form of the B vitamin effect: panthenol. It penetrates deep into the skin and binds the moisture. This vitamin is included in: sea fish, lean pork, liver, yeast. Vitamin C: vitamin C promotes the cellular respiration and stimulates the collagen structure.

It tightens the connective tissue and keeps the skin elastic. This vitamin C is an important free radicals and protects the skin against harmful environmental influences. It is included in: Kiwi, Sea buckthorn, blackcurrants, elderberry, broccoli, kale, lettuce, papaya, leek. Vitamin E: this vitamin is the Central protection vitamin for cell walls. It delays the aging of the skin and smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.

It is contained in food: vegetable oils, cabbage, peppers, mango, nuts and raw cabbage. Q: vitamin vitamin F is a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids and promotes hair growth and the healthy development of the skin. Vitamin F is included in: cold-pressed vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. H: vitamin vitamin H (biotin) stimulates the regeneration of the skin and promotes the formation of keratin – the basic substance for healthy hair and nails. It is included in: liver, egg yolks, nuts, spinach, mushrooms. Beauty tips for shiny hair: Mix 3 egg yolks with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. After shampooing, massage and let soak 30 minutes under a foil. Rinse well. For dry and blemished skin: Milk Honey Bath: heat, add 2 Tablespoons honey 3 cups of milk and in the bath water. Velvety soft skin: 30 drops Sea buckthorn pulp oil from the pharmacy in the day cream or body lotion (or type in the shampoo).

Pan Customers

telconnect GmbH website relaunch brings fresh wind just the market for mobile phones is constantly in motion. Today international sales structures are needed for the cellular distribution, because only such fair prices and good conditions you can negotiate. The telconnect GmbH is successfully for six years in this field and has best business relationships. Now it was time for a relaunch of the company website. The global mobile thrives on wholesale, located on the prevailing fast pace in this segment to set. Because nothing is older than the phone yesterday”is not quite so drastic it yet, but of course are only the latest models of the mobile phone industry in the focus of the clientele. To meet this requirement, the telconnect GmbH ( in addition to the traditional distribution focuses mainly on the export of mobile phones. Solid cooperation and partly also long-term business relationships, integrating in a international trade network reassure the customers to access to always on the newest products and economic services.

This stays on the pulse of the time, the company and offers always the best service in the industry. A relaunch of the website is done to present online presentation, online up to date on the date the company. The user interface is now optimally adjusted to the needs of customers, a fresh, figurative speech shows how the wind is blowing. All relevant information can be found quickly and easily. Of course, the site offers also international customers the opportunity to use these pages. Simply click on the country flag top left on the page and already the page is reflected, for example, very Spanish! About telconnect GmbH 2005, the company under the trade name launched telconnect as a sales representative and dealer for mobile phones. Managing Director Stefan Bollmann put GmbH a year later with the change of name to the current telconnect.

Also in 2006, the move took in new premises and the launch of the Pan-European distribution instead. Only a year later, Stefan Bollmann increased the capital of the company and moved the company headquarters to Eppelborn. The branch in wages but still remained sales seat with its good infrastructure as logistics and B2B -. In the following years the areas were strengthened intense order processing and logistics, so it is not surprising that today over 1,000 customers in 30 countries in and outside Europe put on the service from telconnect. Using state of the art computer systems, today 14 staff working to improve the service for customers, optimize routes and times and to occur for new customers as an attractive partner in the area of mobile wholesale.


To properly perform their various functions, she must be first and foremost in resonance with the cosmic energy. She gets out of rhythm”, lacks the essential biophysical information from the cosmos. Causes may include Malnutrition (to much sugar and FAT), lack of exercise or stress? Also Chemistry (E.g. drugs) or electro-smog emit artificial radiation and disrupt the natural vibrations of the cell. Then, loses their geometrically ordered structure and cellular energy drops.

It comes to malfunction, such as metabolic disorders and degeneration. Toxic deposits, acidification and lack of cell protection are the consequence and noticeable by inflammation, pain and related symptoms. In a good general condition of the body cells from nature alone can drag the necessary energy to level off again”. Permanent load or too many harmful influences the cells can no longer manage it under its own power. How can the weakened cells be made so, to restore the harmony with the cosmic primordial? For years there are for this purpose bio-resonance devices, but with serious disadvantages: you are an artificial energy source, namely the Connected electricity, and give even radiation, can harm the cells (ElectroSmog).

In addition, they are not able to accurately reproduce the natural vibrations with their biophysical information patterns. Helper in distress: the bion-pads Prof. Dr. Haloi all Vollert has in its test series a treatment option found that without artificial energy sources and also covers the entire natural biological information: the bion-pad, the gray rubber mat. The bion-pad is a 2 mm strong silicone mat, which is enriched with silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the second most common element on Earth after oxygen. In its crystalline form, quartz, it is the main component of the Earth’s crust. It has an even greater information force than water. This means that it can carry even more energetic vibrations and pass. Because of its high conductivity, Silicon is the main ingredient of computer chips.

Tel2 AllNet

Both to the phone, texting as well as August is characterized not by significant changes for the mobile Internet. While some actions are expired others were continued or new set up. How this affects flats on the cheapest AllNet learn the following per mobile network. The planned acquisition of eplus by o2 shows currently does not affect the AllNet flat offers in Germany. Overview of the cheapest AllNet eplus flats per cellular network the cheapest AllNet flat in the eplus network is the Tele2 AllNet flat for 9.95 and 14.95 from the 13th month. The cheapest AllNet is also Tele2 flats including data flat (500 MB) or including SMS flat rate to all networks for 14.95 or 19.95 from the 13th month.

Both contracts have a duration of 24 months. You want both SMS and data flat, so is simyo preferred. These are all in the context of actions SMS including, as well as a 500 MB data flat. The minimum contract period is also 24 months. O2 network the cheapest AllNet Flat in the o2 network is flat S or the flat XS the globe plus. Both cost 16.95, with a setup fee of 19.95 every month.

The tariff is terminated with a period of 30 days to the end of the month. 9 Cent cost SMS. A 500 MB data flat is included. For 19,85 monthly you get at clear mobile within the framework of an action the AllNet-savings-flat including SMS and 500 MB data flat, with a minimum contract period of 24 months. Vodafone D2 network In the Vodafone D2 network is the 1 & 1 AllNet flat basic on the basis of an action and thus related two free months the cheapest AllNet flat for 19.99 monthly during the contract period of 24 months. The contract contains a 500 MB data flat. 9.9 Cents cost SMS. If desired also a SMS flat the 1 & 1 AllNet is flat plus for 29.99 monthly, also because of two free months, the cheapest choice. Also here, the contract period is 24 months. The rate includes a 1 GB data flat. Telecom D1 network the cheapest AllNet flat in the Telecom-D1 network is currently in the framework of an action the clear mobile AllNet-savings-flat on the D NET including 500 MB data flat, with a minimum contract period of 24 months. 9 Cent cost SMS. An overview of the currently cheapest AllNet flats in all networks find at any time in our Allnetflat comparison. Note: At some AllNet flats of price increases, after the expiry of the minimum term. Therefore, it is to examine the contract before the end of the term and, where appropriate, time to cancel. You can retain the own mobile number by one ported it to a new provider. Contact person: Torsten Leidloff Tel 0341-3527589 Web: email: address: mobile Flatrate Torsten Leidloff Rotkehlchen route 7a 04159 Leipzig brief description: mobile Flatrate is a website that reports regardless especially on the development of mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop in the cell phones and Smartphones without Contract and SIM lock are available.

OparPlenty Magazine

Behind many science fiction movies, there are certain technological developments that could be applied to our daily lives, if we take the example of the film Jurasic Park, would discover what so important or dangerous could be genetic engineering. Engineering through genetics and cryopreservation method are created again dinosaurs so powerful and deadly as the famous Tyranosaurus rex; Unfortunately this experiment with financial purposes out of control and everything becomes a hopeless chaos. On many occasions we have surprised us by the idea of being able to preserve life through the use of low temperatures; low temperatures have been used for many years in research labs to preserve cells or microorganisms as a bank or biological reserve, these cells or microorganisms conservarian its physiological properties for many decades, turning them into viable material for future experiments. This process is known as cryopreservation, and It is to suspend or preserve matter live at very low temperatures, matter or crops, if not so be deteriorarian quickly. The idea of cryopreservation is possible today thanks to the high technology in the field of equipment and instruments used for freezing and rapid acquisition of chemicals used with this purpose as the liquid nitrogen. Another advantage of cryopreservation is the important ecological application that might be; is that this process has the potential to become a tool of conservation at large scale, and when I refer to large scale I am referring to the possibility of being able to freeze or keep frozen an entire Zoo. And what is even more curious of this process is the ability to freeze species that are at a high risk of disappearing because of climate change, loss of ecosystems or disease; species in via of extinction would be the first beneficiaries of the advantages granted by the technology of the cryopreservation. The Bank of frozen species should form an important section in all the zoos in the world, a bank in charge of preserving reproductive cells, animal tissue samples or even fetuses and if it is possible to investigate the different cellular changes that occur at low temperatures, as well as the opportunity to study the comparative genetics of relatively nearby animals in the evolutionary scheme (Alisa OparPlenty Magazine: Issue 17; F.

Monday LIPS

‘ LIPS UP makes youthful, full lips and eliminated upper lip wrinkles Cologne, 31.05.2011 – full, strong and plump lips are the epitome of beauty and youthfulness. They are sympathetic and are appealing. In reality, it is often so that the lip area is faster than the rest of the face. This is mainly because that the lip area ages differently. Factors such as stress, smoking, birth control pills and hormonal changes leave significant traces in the lip area. The notorious upper lip wrinkles, which are stronger and stronger over the years, let the entire face look older.

With the new LIPS UP anti aging face care, cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS, now succeeded the specialist for highly effective and natural, to realize the dream of perfect lips without surgery. The result is many years younger, sensuous and perfectly manicured lip area. LIPS UP is a State of the art Cosmeceutical and contains one of the Christine Niklas laboratory team based on latest research have developed complex of active ingredients, which specifically affects the lip area. The lips are full and plump and get clear contours. The lip volume is increased, the structure will be strengthened and the lips have a natural strong colour. And a problem that was previously hard to get in the handle is removed.

Thanks to a further Special active ingredient complex, which contains among other things the new Synthe6 of Matrixyl, upper lip wrinkles are virtually eliminated. Due to solid construction and the initialization of functions on a cellular level, LIPS UP provides a visible and long-lasting effect already after a short application. At the same time it has a very good nourishing effect, so that other lip care products are not necessary. LIPS UP is suitable for people with very sensitive skin, because it meets the following high criteria: Parabenfrei and phenoxyethanolfrei without any other preservative without emulsifiers and PEGs with natural emulsifier PC lecithin silicone and mineral oil free non-comedogenic 100% pafumfrei hypoallergenic there is more information in the online shop and under. cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS products are available exclusively online at or by phone at 0221-977 17 55. As a special service you can consult at this number without obligation diploma individually to skin, skin problems and appropriate products beauticians.