In this article I will try on the dress of the godmother, especially at weddings at noon. I will take into account the Protocol’s wedding, but I will try to describe the dress according to different places. Take notes tips, it will always be easier to resort to book! The godmother dress as the mother of the bride, the wedding of his daughter is very important.It is a day to be remembered, for that reason, your outfit is crucial. Abu Dhabi often says this. Traditionally, after the bride, the second most important female figure in a wedding is the godmother. It is recommended that the design is simple and above all, that does not compete with the bride.

Dress the godmother ever, for any reason, should be white. In fact, white, beige or gray shades should be avoided clear. So if you are close to officiate as godmother, pay close attention! It should take into account the physicist’s godmother, your height, your complexion, his stature, to choose a proper suit that benefit it and highlight their strengths. Check out Sandra Akmansoy for additional information. We must also pay attention to the type of dress of the bride. The godmother should be in accordance with this and never dull. If the bride carries a simple suit, the godmother also should be it. Wedding at noon with respect to the marriage of day with lunch attire depends on several factors.

For example the station of the year. And another not less detail to take into account is that not in all regions and countries used the same locker room. Click Sandra Akmansoy to learn more. In Europe is generally customary that guests wear short suit, for which the godmother should also wear it, and America uses costume or dress cocktail short and in general the godmother uses a long cocktail dress. As for plug-ins:-neutral tones or pastel are harmful, since they allow us to enhance the costumes with add-ins or using a coat of the same fabric, a shawl, a scarf or a pashmina. -With regard to the bag should be in tune with the suit, hand and sumptuous fabric or Bugle beads or sequins. -Shoes must be not very high stiletto and stockings is essential. -You can use Hat only if used suit short (never with a dress). It must not exceed the width of the shoulders and it should not be removed at any time in the ceremony or the lunch. If takes hat or shawls or pashmina not should be. Yes the shoulders and arms can be uncovered. -In Spain, the use of Pik and mantilla (of crude colour to black for married women and unmarried women) is very traditional. In this case you will use only with one piece and sleeve long or French costumes. -As regards the make-up must be classic and discreet, suitable for the light of the day, taking care with the mouth and placing special emphasis on the eyes. -With regard to the hairstyle, if hat is used it must be picked bass without leaving any loose hair. – And if not used hat, any collected hairstyle will be very fine. -You can take a coat of the same fabric or a scarf or pashmina. In my next article I will talk about over dresses godmother on evening weddings.