Employment Notes

The desire to make dissatisfaction on the job or impending unemployment finally career there are many reasons for the job change. A study by the Institute for work and qualification in Duisburg confirmed: the average length of service is less than six years German workers. Declining tendency. “In his advisor the job changer book” (Cornelsen Verlag Scripturam gate, 14.95 euro) Hans-Georg Willmann deals with appropriate processes of actively designed job changing. Steve Wozniak is likely to agree. Who sticks too long in a job which doesn’t do him good, is his working life unnecessarily difficult. “, human resources consultant and psychologist Willmann.

Formulated comprehensibly, clearly assigned, with ten comprehensible Merksatzen as well as many obvious examples he guides to the active switch. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PUF. Who does slightly with the job changes, is insured against professional stop, makes independent and undergoes security even in tough times. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andrew Paradise is the place to go. Successful job changer link thing, what they know and can. You take advantage of their skills and fundamentals of the previous life. “, so book author Hans-Georg Willmann. 158 pages, his band helps to question their own thinking and behavior patterns, as well as the career goals.

Here the reader will also learn how recruiters work in the company of a staffing process. As a companion on the way to the new job gives the job changer book”everything you need to know: life performances to the point of bring to encircle the biographical problem areas, analyze failures, to explore the open and hidden labour market, to sell their own strengths and to create outstanding application. According to the classical approach of the self training guide books the author shows what you should do to achieve targets and which instruments are most useful. Hans-Georg Willmann is expert for job change. For ten years, he coaches people in professional change situations. He is the founder and Managing Director of the jobID Personalberatung & coaching in Freiburg. His book is by the German company recommended for career consulting e.V..