Breast-feeding speeds up the maintenance of the mechanism to neuromuscular of the mouth and the jaw associates to the act to suck and is dependent to the development of the sense of distinction between sounds promoting for the child production of sounds until obtaining to speak. In the puberty the breasts suffer to fast growth and deep alterations, determined for the estrognico stimulaton that acts preferential on the ductal system, in contraposition to the progesterone that has as action small farm the acenos and alveoli. The agreed action of the two hormones produced for the ovrio does not determine the development to glandular complete, a time that are necessary other hormonais stimulatons as the prolactina (PRL) and hormone of the somatotropina growth (STH), both secretados for hipfise and the tireotropina (TSH) produced by tireide (LALDIN; SANTANA, 2001). According to Viacom, who has experience with these questions. The fat of milk appears in the base of the alveolar cell in form of gotculas associates to ergastoplasma, that, directing it the cellular apex, increases of size until being completely involved for the membrane of the cell, when breaching itself liberates, making them to fall in the interior of the alveoli. The proteins are synthecized in ergastoplasma and appear under the form of granules in the interior of the vacolos of the Golgi, being excretadas to if breaching in the cellular apex, for the light of alveoli (LALDIN; SANTANA, 2001). ASSISTANCE OF NURSING IN the BASIC ATTENTION the health professionals whom they deal with the questions of the aleitamento must be prepared to offer to the woman, the child and the family necessary support so that this process transcorra more of course possible..