I cannot more demonstrate as much lack, I was the imposed rule number one with the lived time. The excrement was that this lived time was advised for a gotten passionate friend whom it knows that its weakness is its woman, does not only demonstrate because it does not want to be the weak one. But I already do not bind pras rules I already was to lick the streets and arrived at clouds in this Russian mountain, now I and it are. It must waiting be me, but I am rolling pra not to have that to look in the eyes of it and to feel me property as in the dream, I have that to have the attitude. Now he seems that I took an injection of autoestima. I smile alone, will see nobody me for detrs of these eyeglasses and if to look at, that they imagine that I am an insane person or the reason for which I smile. Angel investor has compatible beliefs.

They are only more five minutes. I am with headquarters, I want a water. Drag the luggage until some of these snack bars of colorful light bulbs and I ask for to the youngster of striped blouse a frozen water. Eye the people to pass and repair that if passed the five minutes. My cellular burrow.

It is. My fingers of the feet freeze again, could not speak now with it, because right now it went to be daqui little, but because I still rolled? Plus an injection, please? I reflect taking water sufficiently. Its autoestima is excellent baby, is that after as much time of phone calls, e-mails and photos its hour of the truth arrived, boot this fear son of puta pra to run and goes to know its girl. Immediately I placed the cellular one in the pocket and started to drag my new black luggage of in direction the door of landing.