Joanna Wilheim

Joanna Wilheim observes (2002, p.60): ' ' … the tranquilizer colloquies that ame can have with its baby aim at to restitute it sensation of security, optimism and hope, strengthening and reassegurando the permanence of the bond due between both … ' '. Contrary direction, also it believes that ossentimentos of abandonment, abandonment, hopelessness and others correlated aesses, they find its base in the prenatal experience since the beginning of the vidabiolgica, in the experiences of I reject physiological and imunolgica rejection, leaving negative marks. E, throughout the life, the citizen if not sentedesejado, beloved, accepted for the society, not pertaining to the world and not aceitopelos others. Joanna Wilheim explains (2002): ' ' … The negative feelings of abandonment, abandonment, pessimism, hopelessness, diffidence have its roots fincadas in the prenatal experience.

Deck remembers, since the first situations of the biological life, had physiological experience derechao and imunolgica rejection, that had also received imprints, leaving negative marks. From these, in therefore, since that he was vulo on the other hand and spermatozoon on the other hand temregistro, and that this register, made by means of a cellular memory, estguardado in our archives of memory, one> species of unconscious data base … ' '. (WILHEIM, 2002, p.24). Diverse professionals of the health come constatandoevidncias of traumatic registers related to the initial period daexistncia.

These traumatic registers happen in the period between apr-conception and the called birth of ' ' memory celular' '. Wilheim (2002, pg. 103) makes in them to understand for ' ' memory celular' ': ' ' … experinciasbiolgicas occured with the being since the formation of each one of its duasclulas basic components: the spermatozoon and vulo … ' '. It continues: ' ' … Viacom often addresses the matter in his writings. Is my opinion that necessarily in the points of traumatic registers daily pay-natais that if find established the roots deepest of determinadaspsicopatologias, as well as of psychosomatic afeces, object par excellence dapsicanlise.