Well now came so crappy, software, not is if what you know, but a serviodr on xp may not be installed, or at least one server seriously, if wrong not I think xp does not support more than 5 incoming connections, so tell me. The Microsoft program for that is windows server, but it’s worth an original pasta, and if you thing pirate ride you can drop a pure because they can detect you. So the best option was a full pack, a linux as operating system, without any limit of connections or anything by style, and as server program free and famous (like linux) Apache2. Marc Mathieu: the source for more info. I really needed a little help to configure the Apache, although there are tutorials very complete in the network, and Furthermore if you understand a minimum of computers is very easy to set up, router, connection etc. The only thing that you have to assume is that that computer is now a server, must be on 24 hours and that has a cost, a party that is ideal to have a UPS to avoid scares while you’re not at home in regards to power cuts. Moreover, the server’s domain is absolutely yours, you update when and as you get the WINS, you have no limit of growth of your web (everything that your hard drive give), or limit transactions, and noses, is very funny. So I encourage you want who try it at home, because it is a great experience, and now that they are beginning to have a little decent header on casa.