State of the Particle

When in the state of particle, the probability field collapses and becomes an object is solid! The electrons are converted into solid matter (or particles) when they are being watched. And when left to see again become invisible energy waves. Essentially the world is built up of particles (they are the building blocks of our universe) and the observer is able to convert a solid particle electron disappearing or us. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. In the movie "What the Bleep" touched the topic of quantum physics just described above and goes a little beyond saying that it is possible to create our day as we intentionally want to be. Now ask yourself these questions: What happen if the "first – thoughts we have to wake up in the morning had the power to affect what happens to us during the day? What would happen if all of us, all our thoughts influence our whole world? What if this were true and you are in charge of creating your day do not like to take the reins for yourself instead of letting it keep doing what he wants? What if slowly learning to direct your attention / observation to parts of your life that are still invisible and give s life? It would be nice then before you start grumbling and cursing the new day will begin creating your day on purpose to make it like you want? In the movie "What the Bleep" Dr. Joe Dispenza describes a simple way the way he intentionally creates his day: I get up in the morning and consciously create my day the way I want to happen.