World’s no outbound roaming pay more in times of financial crisis felt the term cost-efficiency in mobile is gaining importance. Especially for internationally active companies, where staff are often active abroad, there was little for savings in this area. Regular cross-border calls the phone cost of a medium-sized company increase thus several thousand euros per month. The foreign share measured is often more than 50% of the total bill! TeleService company GmbH offers from 02.06.2009 the new version one 2.0 for business customers at global. If you would like to know more about Kam VedBrat, then click here. With this so far worldwide unique software client customers save up to 80% on international mobile phone calls business calls from global one to one are global worldwide free of charge regardless of a Wi-Fi access! Global one 2.0 is international, so that employees in the foreign offices with global one can be equipped.

The worldwide corporate communications by Global one to global one is then free of charge. The cheap call charges from abroad after Germany fixed network of 19, 9 ct/min one 2.0 characterise the new global version. All previous approaches in this area costs to optimize with full functionality and without constraint on the users, have so far failed. Global one 2.0 combines all the features available on the market and runs for user invisibly in the background, so that also the user friendly usability is given. The software alone provides an efficiently designed cost management, regardless of which provider is on the phone. For more information, see: