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About the palosEl Tarot deck consists of four suits, each with a different message. Cups this is considered related to the emotional burdens and the romantic life of who consult the Tarot… Always associated with the element water of the philosophy of the school of Aristotle, this stick of cups points to emotional capacity and the ever-changing feature of emotions. Pentaculos also called discs, equals Tarot Earth. addresses the importance of the matter here. It is the symbol of economic security and prosperity. Swords – Aimed at the intellectual level. If you would like to know more then you should visit New Jersey. It reveals issues that occupy the consultant thinking and reasoning styles and contexts of injustice.

Bastos in Tarot, is rosewood of originality and the tendency to take risks. Each suit of the Tarot has its own characteristics. If these features they will be positive or not it depends on, logically, the person and its context. Then, bastos accuses burning desire and optimism, which may be appropriate in certain circumstances; trends but negative in others. Drinks, in Tarot, mean diplomacy, but they can also you have a dark side and show introversion and petulance.

On the other hand, the qualities of the swords generally have to do with dispassion and reasonableness; Although occasionally both speak of arrogance and detachment. Something similar happens with the typical manifestations of disks: the individual is concrete, meticulous and skillful; but you can show its less pleasant aspects: stubborn or unyielding and ordinary. About the Court the game of Tarot, from its origin in the middle ages, still referring to a society of cutting. Each suit includes the King and his Queen, a gentleman and a servant. When there is the King, it means there is some authority or proficient in the area of your bat. Interested as it is usual among the men with power, results in the King. The Queen added a holistic side and matter you more relations than the results. The riders are somewhat immature and rather prone to outbursts on the characteristics of the stick in question. They are totally full of forces; but they tend to be undulating. The countrymen in the Tarot cards represent the way facing life showing teenagers: adventure without requirements, where the rules, where they exist, are changeable. If you want to explore more, on the website you will find detailed information about the other group: the major arcana.