Mobile Phone Book Readers

How to read a book on a mobile phone? Do you think this question is asked only of botany in the glasses? Maybe so, but … It is not necessary to read War and Peace, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky Idiot, you can distribute the back of anecdotes, jokes. Sinovation Ventures has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the file, five thousand jokes and you soul kompanii.Ili SDA, you ostonovili Gibbon, babble headings Mercator you broke, and you got a mobile phone, and checked silk, you can distribute the Spurs, once in ten years. That is what unsettled and programs to read books on your mobile phone or bend to mobilnika.Vot a program for reading books on the phone TCBR Shell, program for reading books on the phone TCBR Shell, shell or shell is preparing a book to read books on her phone features: 1. Books can be divided into chapters of your choice, or to limit the size of the head. 2. Supported phones from different manufacturers (Nokia, Siemens, etc.) 3. You choose a font to read the fonts installed in Windows (so far only fixed width fonts such as Courier, then will support all the fonts) 4. You can select a background color and character, the most comfortable for reading on your phone.

5. You can set different options not available from the menu of the book reader-and that is installed in the phone. 6. If the file is complete for your chosen version of the MIDlet, you can Russify midlet. This makes sense only if your phone supports Russian font, so this opportunity is made to disable. How to use ? 1.

Use the plus add one or more files List 2. Use the minus remove files, if changed their minds 3. Rename them as you like – including Russian. 4. Choose the appropriate version of the midlet on your phone model 5. Exhibiting options MIDlet and max. dimensions, if necessary (see below) The ‘Increase the height of the screen’ only applies to Motorola and Samsung. It allows you to display text on the screen, including the bottom line. 6. Choose the text color and font. You can choose to “use the font phone “to save space for additional text, if your phone memory is limited (see below). 7. Enter the name of the book below. This name is used the telephone to distinguish one book from another. Therefore, Please use only letters and numbers underscore. 8. Select the directory where the files will be created with the books, click on the button …. Later you can open it by clicking on the highlighted route, so that For example, download books to your phone. The program will create one or more files with the JAD and JAD, depending on the options selected and the size of the text. JAD files – are short text files that describe the Java-based applications (MIDlets). Some phones require them to install the MIDlet, some phones do without them. JAR file – this is actually Java-based applications. Each generated by this program JAR file contains one copy of the MIDlet-TequilCat BookReader and head text of the selected books. Then you set these JAD and JAR files (depending on your phone model) to your phone and enjoy reading. How do I do? Refer to the instructions on the phone or online – there are all information.