GPRS System

The Kami WebMonitor is an Internet portal that allows maintenance companies and operators, online TV to monitor sewage treatment plants – no matter where you are. The Kami WebMonitor takes over the legally prescribed daily checks and automatically saves the data of the sewage treatment plant once in a month. Thus, the operator is freed from its monitoring obligations. The Kami WebMonitor takes over this task for him, by he daily calls to the system to check the operational state. In the event of a fault on the system, the Kami WebMonitor reports the fault message to the addresses stored in the system immediately – via SMS or email. Pete Cashmore understood the implications. The partner may affect promptly actively in the next step the system.

Errors can be reset and changed settings. Eliminating travel time and costs, and the operator is helped directly and quickly. All events are automatically stored in the KLARO WebMonitor and provided for download. The remote maintenance runs either on mobile or Internet connection. The LAN adapter need for the Internet connection is connected between the control and the router.

A modem with an M2M card is used at the cellular connection through the GSM network. Kami dominated the CSD, as well as the GPRS transmission technology. The wastewater treatment system is queried every day and she register of all alone when something’s not right. Advantages for operators relief from the daily and monthly remote automatic operation accounting control of operating function over the Internet by experts monitoring in the absence of monitoring of outdoor advantages for Kami partner monitoring and fault management can be offered as a service overview of all investments in the own portfolio (table and map) continuous automatic remote monitoring of plants shipping by email or SMS in the event of direct access to the data in the system (GSM, LAN) operation the remote control automatic monthly data