The Brazilian Army

Still it allows the reduction of the volume of the supplies, facilitating the control of the validity of produtos9. The SRP implies change of organizacional culture and this generates resistance of the sectors to the implantation of the same, under two arguments. The first one of them, the fact of that the competition is a modality of very complex licitation. As it is the necessity of staff for table update and accomplishment of research of preos9. The approval of Law 10,520/02, that it started to admit the use of the proclamation in licitations for SRP, solved the problem of the complexity of the competition and sped the form process to become the systematics of the SRP much more interessante16.

The necessary human resources to the new procedures of the SRP and the time expense in the execution of its tasks are very inferior to the expended one for the conventional licitations. In such a way, the staff could be remanejado of function to take care of to the peculiarities of the SRP13. A study of case for the evidence would fit accomplishes of these advantages or disadvantages, comparing itself the prices gotten in gotten common licitations and in licitations for SRP, adopting as the parameter seemed amounts, so that the scale profit does not intervene with the analysis. The experience of the SRP in the acquisition centered for the Brazilian Army can be proven in innumerable examples, of which it is distinguished, the acquisition of fuels for the Logistic Command, in virtue of its importance for the institution. They exist colon main: the first one is the necessity or not of the centered acquisition of fuel; as is if this centered acquisition is more economic or not. As number 30 consists in the act, of the Court of Accounts of Union – TCU (2003, p: 167-171), one below justifies the acquisitions centered in the cases: The Brazilian Army needs a Strategical Fuel Reserve, supported in a system of storage and distribution that allows it to dislocate, with chance, for any point of the domestic territory, where comprometimento occurs of the internal or external security, or still to fulfill missions of support, duly authorized, to the state and/or municipal governments, in extraordinary situations. The structure of Suppliment Logistic Support of Combustv