Mobile Operators

Tariffication in the network – this is a very powerful lever for retention of subscribers around a particular operator. When you understand the proposed rates, read all the fine print text on the site operators, counting the real value of minutes of conversation, we are anxious to share this information with you. In today’s material in our task – to choose the optimal tariff on-net calls each operator and try to compare them. Well naturally familiarize you with all the pitfalls, necessarily occurring in the way if you want to choose the perfect fare for themselves. Kyivstar Speaking about this statement, and referring to reviews of mobile users, I must say that the major loss of subscribers are connected, first of all, with inflated rates, especially with the goddam fee, which in most cases fall on the shoulders of prepaid service.

But Kyivstar is not as authoritative in the intra-rate policy and not “pushing” to its subscribers insane difference in rates within and outside the network. Classic tariff Category: prepaid and contract. The cost of calls within Network: 10 kop / min. Positive aspects: the tariff on a constant basis without term limits. We can add a maximum simplification of the tariff scheme, which consists of two parts: inside the network and the networks of other operators (including Mobilych). SMS price remains the same – 35 kopecks .. The first transition at the rate of pre-paid subscribers dl free to contract all the transitions are free. CCD for contract customers there.

Negative aspects: Virtual subscribers pay for the connection – 0.35 UAH. Contract provides for a monthly fee 15 UAH and one-time subscription fee – 199 USD. Login to rate only until August 31, 2008. Subsequent transitions to the rate prepaid subscribers will cost 10 grn. MTS is the oldest, relatively speaking, a mobile operator aims to keep old customers, above all, well and attract new ones, if possible. A recently obtained MTS-Ukraine is quite good. Due to a significant reduction in tariffs (and up to 2000-2003., The UMC bent” is often exorbitant prices) MTS boasts the highest rate of positive dynamics in 2008. Within the MTS network is still more flexible policy, but without setting shamelessly its subscribers against other operators like Kyivstar. Tariff “MTS First” Category: contract and prepay. Cost within the network: UAH 0.10 first minute and 0.03 UAH all the next minute call. Positive aspects: there is a service “My Family” from 0,05 UAH / min for 2 rooms. Lack of license fee for prepaid service, and value-added services provided by the tariff, for both service categories. For lack of contract fee. The first transition to the tariff for prepaid customers free of charge. Contractors can use the “Plus” – 55 minutes per month for 25 UAH.