Automobile Tires

For the right choice of tires is important to consider many factors, especially individual vehicle. And although every motorist eventually becomes a professional in the choice of tires is worth more time to mention all the features of the classification of tires. Tires are classified according to purpose, method of sealing, the profile shape and design. There is also a classification for the season. Now, a little More details on classifications.

By appointment automobile tire is divided into passenger car tires, which are intended for use in all climates with temperatures ranging from -45 C to +55 C, and tires for trucks vehicles. Tires for passenger cars in turn are divided into tubeless tires and chamber: Chamber bus (Tube Type) – a type of pneumatic tire, which by means of sealing the chamber, creating an air cavity, and tubeless (Tubeless) – is a pneumatic tire, where the air cavity is formed under the rim and tire. It has a high gazonepropuskaemost. Tubeless tires tend to have a radical design framework. Bus radical design is marked with the letter R, or P, if it does not appear, cross-ply tire. Now a little about the classification of the shape profile. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro.

One of the most popular types of tires are toroid tire or tires usual profile, are performed chamber music and tubeless. Their profile is similar to a circle. Average operating toroidal tire mileage is 40 – 80 thousand km. Low profile and sverhnizkoprofilnye tires have a lower ratio of the height profile. Both types of these types of tires enhance stability and handling. Low profile tires are designed and sverhnizkoprofilnye mainly for passenger cars and buses. There are wide-bus they were compared with the conventional tire profile, have low rolling resistance and high load capacity, and allow reduce fuel consumption. The disadvantage is that their operation should be used on one car and the tire normal profile. There is another type of tire – tire arch. They have a profile in the form of an arch variable curvature with a powerful low sides. Arched tires are tubeless. These tires are used as a means of increasing seasonal terrain vehicles. They are placed on a special rim, instead of the usual tires. The disadvantages are high cost and more complex assembly. The average mileage of tires arch during the operation in mixed traffic conditions is 40-45 thousand km, and the roads paved 20 – 30 thousand km. Depending on the Season Tires are divided into: Summer – have a hard rubber compound, it provides stability and the normal wear in the summer. But even at low sub-zero temperatures, they lose elasticity. Winter tires – On the contrary, have a soft rubber and not lose elasticity even in the bitter cold. There are studded and non-studded. And all season – it's all-season tires with tread, but not all of these tires are suitable in Russian climate. All this classification is not yet complete, but every motorist knows how important the right choice of rubber for safe driving.