History Of Car Creation

Background. In the Middle Ages were known attempts to create vehicles, which were supposed to move by force of wind or muscle power sitting in them. Quite perfect for his time machine (1752) created Russian mechanic self-taught peasant Leonti Shamshurenkov. His ' stroller' set in motion the power of two. In 1784-91 over the options of three-and four-wheel '' worked the Russian inventor Igor P. Kulibin. In his 'Samokatke' were first applied to such elements aa, as the gearbox, steering, brakes, roller bearings.

With the advent of the steam engine (2 nd half 18.) Establishment of self-propelled carts quickly progressed. In 1769-70 in France J. Kyuno, and a few years in England, U. Murdoch and R. Trevithick built a steam-AA to some extent common steam ag received 19., Eg steam cars G. Gurney and W. Hancock (England) , A. Ball, A.

De Dion and L. Serpolle (France). In 30-ies. 19. attempts were made to establish regular passenger flights steam A. A lot of interesting projects involving steam aa was in Russia. Inventor and entrepreneur Vladimir Guriev suggested (1837) to create a network wooden (socket) of roads, which would regularly ply steam-AA trucks with wheel trailers (wagons) in summer and sleigh – in the winter. In the late 19 century. Experiments were carried out to establish the electrical AV-powered battery, and they found some distribution. Russian engineer Igor Romanov developed (1899) original design of the electric cab and elektrobusa. Great influence on the development of design A. had the invention of the differential (1828, O.

New York Stock Exchange

LinkedIn doubled the initial price of its shares in a matter of minutes. It is the first major social network of EE UU in trading on Wall Street. 7,84 Million shares of the company came to the market. The euphoria with which was received Thursday the premiere bag of LinkedIn, the first great social network of EE UU in trading on Wall Street and in a matter of minutes doubled the initial price of its shares, also renewed fears that a new technology bubble is brewing. Agents are arremolinaron in New York Park minutes after the start of the engagements on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to take over some of the 7,84 million shares of LinkedIn that went to market. This avalanche by the titles of the social network did that to the equator of the session at the New York Park, where they began to quote as LNKD, is shot by 146%, changing to 110.7 dollars away from 45 dollars per share that set your starting price. The great rise of shares was valued by the company at some 10 billion dollars, which equated it to Twitter, which already generated at its astonishment and fear of a bubble on the social networks. The expectation that Wall Street investors welcomed this initial public offering of shares (IPO) was not surprising. Euphoria by the titles of the first American in go public social network made the price of their titles of a fork between 32 and 35 dollars initially foreseen to between 42 and 45 dollars ten days, which meant another 30%.


CONSULTATION AND ITS PRACTICE IN ORGANIZATIONS. The conclusion are meetings to make decisions, to the actors of organizations with diverse interests that converge and in some cases conflicting to fairly bring identity for purposes, different things and different intentions. The participation of different actors in making decisions on the activities of management, is important for human development and is a healthy sign for the strengthening of the organizations by the multiplicity of positive synergies generated. People as subject social and participatory, taking increasingly more aware of their rights and their duties, take charge of their destinies and they manage to agree, negotiate and form alliances, in this frame is where we place the practice of dialogue, understood as the Act in which they agree to action several people with diverse interests and points of view. If we are going to the dictionary, you will find a concept closely tied to conclude that it is that of consensus, which is to be the product of the action of concluding: the decision jointly, negotiated, so trying to serve multiple interests at stake. Another important concept is that of unanimity, that becomes the search agreement, but through the complete acceptance of the parties involved, where absolutely everyone is in agreement and there are no discrepancies about the decision taken. To conclude it is not enough with the sole discretion, also requires skills, capacities and skills. The conciliation process has as important tools dialogue and multidisciplinary negotiation, understood these instruments, such as the smooth communication and implementation underway of effective techniques for the search for agreements and mechanisms. Should be noted that concertation seeks to create spaces of trust through communication and exchange fluid information, while bargaining, is oriented towards the achievement of results expressed in decisions or agreements that are accepted and signed by the involved. DESIGNING the process given that conclude it is the process by which parties with different interests reach agreements which commit.

Education Foundation

The ratio of the case of Bernard Madoff with society and community is a very sensitive issue because those affected are large and numerous. With the latest scandalous news about the sentencing of his guru financier, those affected have demonstrated and brought out all his feelings and frustrations, which indicates the serious consequences that has brought Madoff actions in society, especially in its major investors. But we must make clear that the above organizational investment level not only haunts the society and community, but also includes government and public entities. In this case, the entities concerned have banks taken charge of regulating the stock markets, it is not the first time that eludes them financial fraud. This should not happen, much less with a scandal of this magnitude. What has caused all this is that individuals and financial institutions generate a distrust of government regulators. Currently tests are being subjected to laws governing brokers and financial advisors. Some words of those affected financial are a clear indication of the frustration, anger and even depression before the facts of Madoff. “The emotional devastation is so intense that one can not describe,” these were the words of a retired couple who trusted their life savings in Madoff to secure its future. “I have a broken knee, lung cancer and I thank Madoff bankrupt” are the words of a veteran Muundial War II 86 years, which now has to live in a smaller accounting place and live with 900 a month and they entrust their savings Madoff. Other people like Andy Baird, Madoff defined as a “sociopath.” Also referred to as a common thief. After listening to all these statements is very clear the position of those affected against Madoff. Everyone agrees that this man has stolen banking the lives of people and ruined many families and businesses. These are statements of individuals, but also affects charities, such as beans and environmental. Defining a correct vs. dilemma. right is a bit companies difficult in this case. This is because the facts are clearly completely wrong, since it would involve a huge fraud. Somehow Bernard Madoff faced a position to account do consumer something bad to corporation happen no worse. If you are looking for a financial expert go to serves as a Trustee for the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation Madoff developing a fraud with the trading Ponzi pyramid scheme, this is illegal in the U.S., and he knew it, but decided to and then continuing to try to get their customers are not affected. Over time, everything is out of hand and could not control it and if we add the economic crisis of 2008, we find the reason by which everything was discovered.

Natural Remedies

Most of us have been angry at one time or another. It can happen after a challenging day and our patience this to the limit and the thing smaller makes us angry. It is absolutely normal to be unhappy and angry at times. However, anger is an emotion with a wide range of levels. For some individuals, it may take a long to get angry, the fuse with others can be very short.

When signals are sent to the brain to awaken the wrath, the signals are also sent to other parts of the body. Heart rate may increase, hands may shake or tremble and grows the blood flow to the face and you can make it available to be red. Scientists still are investigating the link between anger and the impulse – while most angry came to be, more likely we are to be irrational and impulsive. Finally, when with reference to get angry, we can act without thinking! The natural way in the modern world today, may take a long resist the impulse to get angry. Without However, there is much that you can do naturally to handle this emotion.

When you start feeling upset is, take a deep breath and count to ten. This may sound juvenile, but as you have in your head, try to represent the rational way of handling things (can minimize the damage you can do while you are angry). Attempt to represent an oasis of calm, however how hard this can be! It is not a good idea expressing anger, because it can become a habit is fueling with each cycle. Instead, try a vigorous sport that requires concentration, (preferably not a contact sport), for example raqueta-bola or tennis. Exercise is a great way to relax and release some steam. Natural remedies can also help support the calm behavior and emotions balanced. Of done, natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system. Consider a remedy safe, natural containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to relieve angry feelings and temporarily reduce outbursts of cholera. It can be used to safely support the nervous system on a cellular level, and relieves feelings of frustration and discontent without harmful side effects. This remedy contains a selection of homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to treat the emotions that cause outbursts of anger and irritability. * Nux vom 6 c is a salt biochemistry used as cell food for the nervous system and the brain, support a calm mood and emotions balanced. * Chamomile 6 c is a soothing natural remedy used often when the emotional reaction seems out of proportion to the situation or event. In mothers of Sao Paulo Chamomile is used effectively to calm their children and it was confirmed in a study. * Lycopodium 6 c is a homeopathic remedy used to treat the symptoms experienced by highly volatile individuals.

Tips For Losing Weight Permanently

Consume appropriate portions of healthy foods and getting regular exercise is one of the best tips for losing weight permanently. With these healthy lifestyle changes, the weight will remain stable and your health will improve. Continue reading for more tips for losing weight, staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Water keeps your body and makes it work correctly. Replaces drinks sugary and caffeinated water. Do not drink fruit juice as a replacement for a healthy diet or drinking water. Some fruit juices actually cause dehydration of the body and have added sugar.

Most of the fruits lose their nutrients during the process of becoming juice. Participate in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. The cardio raises your heart rate and keep it elevated. This helps your body to burn calories and eliminate the fat reserves. Once you start to lose weight, it begins to intersperse your workout with exercises to build muscle. Did done a session of? Cardio every day and have exercises to strengthen muscles and increase the flexibility in the remaining days of the week. Most of your diet should be composed of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables offer a high fiber content, a variety of nutrients and very few calories and grams of fat. In addition to vitamins and minerals normal, many fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body to repair itself at a level cellular optimo, and help your body fight certain diseases such as cancer. The saturated animal fat is especially bad for your health and increases the amount of fat that accumulates around your waist dangerously. The human body has a difficult time in metabolize animal fat, which is high in cholesterol. Trafficking as much as possible of obtaining proteins from non meat sources or cuts of lean meat. Avoid greasy meat. Mono fats – and poli-insaturadas are really healthy for you so when you consume with moderation. Set you weight loss goals and keep track of your progress will help to keep you motivated in your attempt to establish a healthier lifestyle. It is important that you celebrate your achievements and learn from your mistakes. At the beginning, will need to track the amount of water you drink each day, your calorie intake and the amount of time you spend exercising. Staying motivated and keeping a positive attitude, will make it easier to achieve your weight loss goals. Permanent changes to lifestyle that help you lose weight will also improve your health, increase your energy and make you feel better. A great tip to lose weight is that you avoid fad diets fad diets are actually counterproductive for lasting weight loss and can cause the opposite, i.e. the weight gain. It is not one of the tips to lose weight that you eliminate whole groups of foods from your diet. Your body needs a certain amount of fat, sodium and sugar, even to continue functioning properly. It is necessary that you will enjoy the food from each group of food, but remember that moderation is the key to fats. Try to think of these tips to lose weight as healthy lifestyle changes as opposed to methods for weight loss. Although the weight will reduce these permanent healthy changes can have benefits for your health.


Happy, healthy pets and their owners, our pets can also have its ups and downs. As all animal lovers know, the well-being of their pets are tied closely with the emotional well-being of the family or social environment where they live. The animals are very deep ties with their owners and to the other and are sensitive to our moods and daily tensions. After all it’s what makes them such great friends and companions! However, this may mean that it becomes difficult for them when their owners leave for vacation, or sometimes even when they leave them for a short period of time. Separation difficulties can affect our pets and can even (especially in dogs), give rise to destructive behavior such as digging, chewing or scratching. Similarly, when owners are going with emotional difficulty, this may, in turn, affect their pets. Certain breeds of pets also tend to worry and worry more than others.

Beware of unusual behaviors such as excessive barking, excessive preparation (particularly in cats), enfurrunar are, or anything else out of the ordinary. The natural way there is much you can do to support the emotional well-being and happy humor balanced in our pets. A solid routine, a healthy diet and a stable home helps to ensure that pets feel comfortable and safe. When you know that changes are inevitable, take measures to expose your dog or cat to them slowly and be understanding of the effects that this can have. Just as in people, there are natural remedies for pets that could help also. Consider the following: * a balanced diet, high quality is very important during stressful times and can help support the immune system.

Include plenty of raw food and raw (preferably organic). * Aromatherapy and massage can help to calm and comforting (do not use aromatherapy oils in cats). * Try to keep family safe and stress-free environment as it will possible. Try to do further changes to the environment during times of change or difficulty. ** Regular exercise will help keep your pet healthy and fit, mentally and emotionally as well as physically. * Investigate the alternatives for domestic animals struggling to adapt to the kennels when you’re on vacation. Maybe could you arrange that a familiar person to stay in the House or make that your pet is visited by a friend while you are away? Consider a 100% natural remedy specially for pets to help their emotional well-being. Natural herbal ingredients are well known for their positive effect on the maintenance of emotional health and well-being. Hypericum perforatum (Mosto de San Juan) is one of the best-known herbs to support the emotional health and well-being, and there has been much research to support its effectiveness in maintaining stable mood, healthy sleep patterns and balanced levels of serotonin. Matricaria recutita (Chamomilla) is a natural herb that has been used by European naturopaths for centuries. Their soothing characteristics support pets that are experiencing the change or loss. Ignatia (30 c) is a natural remedy recommended often for supporting emotional well-being. Capsicum (30 c) is often used for the maintenance of stable humor and emotional vigor and vitality aid. Kalium phosphate (Kali. phos.) (6 C) is a salt biochemistry with many therapeutic benefits. This biochemistry salt is extremely useful for promoting the health of the nervous system at the cellular level. Regular use will increase the bioavailability of food, hormones and certain essential neurotransmitters to ensure balanced welfare humour and feelings.

The Development

Finally at two years of age, they can be considered eggs, peanuts and fish. This dietary regime has shown reduce or retard the allergy to foods and eczema in Infants allergic parents. Prevention of allergies/inhalants: studies in animals suggest that there is a great risk of becoming allergic to substances in the air to which the animal is exposed shortly after birth. Similarly, the development of allergy to mites in children has been linked to the amount of early exposure to mites. In addition, the development of allergy to cats in children is associated with the presence of a cat at home birth. Although definitive data are lacking, this suggests that certain steps that control in an aggressive manner to mites can reduce the occurrence of allergy. These include using plastic covers on pillows and mattresses, wash bedding with water hot every seven to ten days, avoid high relative humidity within the walls, and, optimally, remove carpets, upholstered furniture, and objects to observe dust in the infant room. In a similar way, infants from allergic families must not be exposed to pets inside the House during the first years of life in an attempt to prevent the further development of its derivatives allergy.

Asthma prevention: since allergies can develop asthma, it is not surprising that infants exposed to small amounts of dust mites during lactation are less likely to develop allergic asthma. Then, aggressive control of mites should reduce the occurrence of asthma and upper respiratory allergy. Also, exposure to pets during lactation can increase the risk of developing asthma. In addition, maternal smoking during pregnancy is associated with an increase in wheezing during lactation in children of smokers, andthe exposure to passive smoking has been shown to increase asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases during childhood.For this reason, it is very important that infants not be exposed to second-hand smoking prenatally or during childhood. Finally, respiratory infection is a common trigger of asthma and is possible to initiate it. By therefore, those maneuvers that they reduce the frequency of respiratory infections in infancy, such as power to the womb and avoid the creches for very young children, they may be useful in the prevention of asthma. Conclusion: It is not possible to completely prevent allergies in children with elconocimiento we have currently, although cellular and genetic engineering promises hope for absolute prevention in the future.

UkrainianAustrian Education

Ukrainian-Austrian program for export-oriented Management – a joint product of the University 'CROC' and the University of Applied Sciences, IMC (Krems, Austria). It was developed by two educational institutions in accordance with Bologna system. The curriculum combines the structure of programs for export-oriented Austrian university management and international economics at the University 'CROC'. Teaching the majority of subjects in The program is in English. Training is carried out in Ukraine and is carried out at levels 'bachelor' and 'Master'. During his studies, students can take an internship in an Austrian university.

Admission to the program occurs on the same basis, in accordance with the terms of admission to institutions of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. But as for the training program requires a certain level proficiency in English, before admission or during the first year of study, those who chose the Ukrainian-Austrian program must pass the test IELTS. It can go at the British Council in Ukraine. The program operates for three year. Last year, two diplomas – Ukrainian State University and an Austrian – were the first graduates of the Judiciary.

What people think about today's college students? How to assess your knowledge and the dream do in the future? Alex Kurzenkov, 2nd year when I chose this program, then, of course, the most important arguments in favor of it were two degrees and training in English. I think the right choice and am not sorry about it. It's for my future. I plan to work in Ukraine. Rather, in the field of imports and exports. So far, the first serious work ahead of me. Much time as possible at this stage, I try to pay tuition. Daria Starova, 2 year Yes, I also liked the idea of getting two degrees. A number of items that we read in English – about 90%! Teaching at a high level. Learn, of course, difficult. Especially difficult was the first year during the first semester. It was hard to switch in the classroom in English. Free time was less. I used to be fond of drawing, and now I can not give that much time. But the potential for additional use education, which provides university. So, recently participated in the project 'The new format'. And this year I'll participate in another project, 'Piranha CROC' I want to get knowledge on project management. At this stage they I will be very useful in my work at the University Student Council. In addition to the Ukrainian-Austrian program, under the direction of 'International Economics' University 'CROC' implementing the program 'CROC-Exclusive', which also includes the study of most subjects in English. College-level economics, law and information technology – the structural unit of the University – in-depth study and teaching of English several disciplines in that language is part of the program 'KEPIT-Exclusive'. It was established on the basis of the specialty "Finances and Credit". Graduates of the program not only gain knowledge of English language and in the economic sphere, but also opportunity to realize their potential both in Ukraine and internationally. License MES series AB 529912 from 13.08.2010 Source: University of 'CROC'

Bowlingual Dog

Bowligual – the first product developed through a systematic analysis of the emotional state of animals. It is based on research and development of Japanese science lab and the Japanese audio acoustic laboratory. Technology, which form the basis Bowligual enables voice translator (interpreter) to analyze the voice of a dog (barking) in real time, conduct a rapid assessment and output data in the form of images and text. It is based on results of voice analysis in 2000 of options barking dogs, 50 breeds and a large number of mixed variants. Function: Voice recording your dog is due to the microphone – a transmitter that is attached to the collar, a dog and a Real-time sends you to the manual console information for analysis. Real-time is analyzed and all of the text and animated images.

Behavior analysis. Analysis of the behavior of your dog – deeds of the search, not the perception of verbal commands. Provides a better understanding of the feelings of your dog. Data analysis. Interpret for you sense your dog. Assistance in training and coaching. Provides helpful tips and suggestions in during training. Medical certificate.

Provides a list of questions and answers to help in a brief assessment of physical condition to control and improve it. BowLingual – using the voice of your dog (barking) identifies six basic emotions and feelings at the moment. 1. Happy Happy, happy I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm ready to play. I'm ready to play. I 'love you! I love you! Great Let's go! Come on! I'm on top the world. I am the happiest in the world. 2. Assertive / Showing off statement, defending their rights. Look at me! Look at me! I want to help you! I I want to help you! Show me wore! Show me! I feel great! I feel a great feeling! I'm ok – How are you? I'm okay, how are you doing? 3. Sad sad, sad. I miss you. I miss you. I feel sad. I'm sad. Remember me! Remember me! Please don't for get me! Please do not do anything to me. Leave me alone, please! Please take me out of here! Please take me away from here! 4. Frustrated. Upset. This is too much! That's too much! I want some fun! I want to make me smile! Please play with me! Please play with me! Please be quiet! Please be quiet! Please listen to me. Please poclushay me. 5. On – guard / Territorial. On watchman. Protected area. Angry. Angry, angry. You can't beat me! You can not defeat me! I don't like it. I do not like it. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. That's bad! It's bad (bad)! Just try it! Now try to do it. 6. Needy. Needs than that. Requires something else. Please play with me some wore! Please play with me some time! Spend more time with me. Has given me more time. We need some quality time together. We need to spend quality time together. I need a friend. I need a friend. 'Give her four-footed friend with a maximum of understanding and love! "