To properly perform their various functions, she must be first and foremost in resonance with the cosmic energy. She gets out of rhythm”, lacks the essential biophysical information from the cosmos. Causes may include Malnutrition (to much sugar and FAT), lack of exercise or stress? Also Chemistry (E.g. drugs) or electro-smog emit artificial radiation and disrupt the natural vibrations of the cell. Then, loses their geometrically ordered structure and cellular energy drops.

It comes to malfunction, such as metabolic disorders and degeneration. Toxic deposits, acidification and lack of cell protection are the consequence and noticeable by inflammation, pain and related symptoms. In a good general condition of the body cells from nature alone can drag the necessary energy to level off again”. Permanent load or too many harmful influences the cells can no longer manage it under its own power. How can the weakened cells be made so, to restore the harmony with the cosmic primordial? For years there are for this purpose bio-resonance devices, but with serious disadvantages: you are an artificial energy source, namely the Connected electricity, and give even radiation, can harm the cells (ElectroSmog).

In addition, they are not able to accurately reproduce the natural vibrations with their biophysical information patterns. Helper in distress: the bion-pads Prof. Dr. Haloi all Vollert has in its test series a treatment option found that without artificial energy sources and also covers the entire natural biological information: the bion-pad, the gray rubber mat. The bion-pad is a 2 mm strong silicone mat, which is enriched with silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the second most common element on Earth after oxygen. In its crystalline form, quartz, it is the main component of the Earth’s crust. It has an even greater information force than water. This means that it can carry even more energetic vibrations and pass. Because of its high conductivity, Silicon is the main ingredient of computer chips.