The mechanism of improvement gotten for has direct relation with mobility, flexibility, improves of pain and fatigue. (17-22) Moreover, it is cited by its psychological benefits in the patient interaction and physiotherapist, since the contact between the two is direct and can be drawn out. (17-22) We can use as manual therapy the Pompage, Technique of Jones, Cyriax, local Massage and Shiatsu. (17-22) The method promotes a work corporal where the therapist leads the patient to an alternation of touchs and positions, with movements that they provide allonges or a simple relaxation. (17-22) Already the crioterapia, is cited by its effect analgesic, anaesthetic, vasoconstrictor and preventing a possible secondary hipxia if to exist some trauma/muscular microtrauma in the practical one of exercises for the fibromilgico. Details can be found by clicking Pete Cashmore or emailing the administrator. (17-22) With the explained physiology below, this modality comes being searched with more frequency for effectiveness in the race of well-being of the patient. (17-22) Analgesia: it acts removing heat of the body; action of prostaglandins. Anaesthetic: reduction of the nervous conduction for reduction of the action of the mecanoceptores.

Secondary Hipxia: it minimizes the consumption of oxygen with the reduction of the aerobic metabolism. Vasoconstrictor: it diminishes the carbonic gas concentration in muscular staple fibres. These are the local effect of the use of the ice in the fibromilgico: Anaesthetic; Reduction of pain; Reduction of espasmo muscular; It stimulates the relaxation; It allows the precocious mobilization; It improves amplitude of movement; It reduces edema and hematoma; It diminishes the inflammatory circulation and processes; It preserves the integrity of the cells of the fabric injured (it prevents cellular death). The choice of the crioterapia method can be of some forms. This goes to depend on the accessibility of the anatmica region, of the size of to be treated area, the type of trauma and the type of reply that if it intends to get. Thus, it is possible to use: (17-22)? Cold stock markets: this type of stock markets can be bought and is reused, presenting in different sizes and forms.