One of the biggest barriers that we find ourselves today is the strong belief of many people to think that they are at the mercy of circumstances, the seriousness of this situation is that these ideas become a shield to not assume our responsibility and we begin to justify a lot of excuses to justify our situation. In the situation in which you are currently is his creation, some decisions occurred consciously and others unconsciously, but what today is, without a doubt that it is the work of their own hands, perhaps there are things that do not like him, then now is the time to change them. Understand and be aware that we are the masters of our destiny is crucial because if we do not accept that fact will happen that we will always find justifications to blame for our own situation. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we find the principle governing the creation of the universe and solid information that tells us that we create our own life, each circumstance, experience is a creation of our subconscious mind, by reading this book you can learn the way of accessing its interior to create a life according to their ideals, goals and dreams, erase negative information that has brought only problems, gradually will be overcoming obstacle starting with little things to become the master of their destiny and build for you, his family and the universe in general a full life. Darcy Stacom, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. ew. Knowing that each one of us we build our destiny with actions and daily decisions then this is the opportunity to play our own life in an extraordinary way, have the possibility of having a life filled with great satisfaction, in this regard we note that people lead a life full of triumphs and balanced, we can achieve it. We are extraordinary, powerfully creators, beings in the book I’m happy, I’m rich you will know that the main function of the human being is the creation, the fact something unique that is only in you, no one can do the things as you made them, so through reading this book, you can also define your mission in life, find things that truly loves performing, that allows you to enjoy peace, freedom and spirituality. Life must be abundant in all areas, then you should strive for the best in life, this universe is infinite abundance, so it’s time to sit down with the full right to aspire to the best life, to meet with its spiritual essence.

National Institute

The project of law of emergencia in the matter of residential policy contemplates a series of measures which will tend to solve in the medium and long term, the deficit of houses that affects the great majority of the Venezuelan population. Within the measures that are contemplated we can mention the following: Urban land occupation that stops the construction of residential land units apt for the development of a residential policy that goes to the benefit of the users of the system. The development and the planning of the self-construction, extension and improvements of the houses in combination with the communities. Regulation of the consumptions of the production of the construction as well as the regulation of the prices of the raw material for the development of houses of social interest. To stimulate to the small and medians companies so that they destine his resources to the massive production of residential units. To look for mechanisms of financing in conditions of accessibility for the needed families more. Policy of awarding of gratuitous houses in form for the families who do not describe for the credits of residential policy. This instrument looks for nonproductive the urban or immovable land affectation or that is being subused to destine them to the development of a massive residential policy.

The affected goods are the following: buildings and lands municipal property of the Republic, lands and Ejidos, idle buildings private and uncultivated lands. It establishes the law project a series of fiscal stimuli in the matter of IVA and Tax on the Rent for the productive beings. The Presidency of the Republic will be the order to direct rectora of this Law, being created for it the National Institute of Urban Earth and Houses. Continue to learn more with: Darcy Stacom. The law contemplates the possibility of the total or partial subsidy for the people needed a house, for which the benefit will have to be asked for considering the following requirements: Identity card, RIF, declaration sworn of not having house, contract of buying and selling option, among others. Of equal way, the law project contemplates a series of modifications to the system of contribution of the residential policy for this way increasing the amount of the hypothecating loans, fitting this way the credits to a changing reality that as a result of the inflation has come affecting the users from the system which they could not buy house with the amounts that until now are granted for the main acquisition of house. It is as well as one settles down that the amount of the financing will be included/understood between one hundred and six hundred minimum wages. This way when settling down by minimum wages, the amount of the hypothecating credits will adjust in the measurement that changes the value of the minimum wage. Despite the benefits of this law, it is necessary that all the productive sectors of the society come together so that the residential problem is solved, taking into account to the sectors from the construction, the producers of consumptions and raw materials, the financial organizations and the governmental organs so that an agreement in the matter of policy becomes residential thus to provide a solution in the medium and long term and that the population sees satisfied the necessity to have worthy house.


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