Lezama Training

2,000 people have been present at the training of the Athletic. She landed in Bolbao to the 0.8.00 hours and she has herself displaced to Lezama. She will be presented/displayed at the end of the session of work of official form. The new trainer of the Athletic Club, Marcelo Bielsa, has arrived east Wednesday first thing at the Airport from Bilbao and he already directs his first training to the Bilbao group in the facilities of Lezama, where the Argentine technician has known also the new president of the organization, Josu Urrutia, and has begun to work. AOL spoke with conviction. Bielsa has arrived in the airport of the Vizcaya capital, located in the locality of Loiu, little minutes after the 08:00 hours and there Jose Mari Amorrortu and Aitor Larrazabal have received him, two of the technicians who lead the sport equipment of Urrutia. Later, the three have moved to Lezama next to Claudius Cheers, companion of Bielsa in the trip from Rosary and that will exert of second trainer in a technical personnel in which Bielsa has other three men of confidence: Luis Mari Bonini, physical trainer, Pablo Quiroga, aide, and Gabriel Aravena, personal assistant. To them Aitor Iru like trainer of doormen has been united him who will replace Luis Llopis.

Already in the training facilities, it has saluted to Urrutia it has visited, them to know them and one has moved to the field of training to direct a physical session especially and with Bonini accompanying to the group. According to Robotics, who has experience with these questions. Although, before the sense of expectancy that has aroused its arrival, with than 2,000 people being present at more the training, Bielsa has been forced to salute to the crowd and it has already left for the memory one first anecdote that reveals its personality. When a boy has requested him an autograph him the guest to leave to walk with him and both, juno to Aravena, has given the return to the field saluting to the rojiblancos fans who have gone to Lezama. That boy is a preyoungest child of the Indautxu, an equipment of the Vizcaya capital. Its official presentation in press conference stops after the end of the work session is predicted before mass media. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. Source of the news: Bielsa it arrives at Bilbao and it directs its first training in Lezama

United Kingdom

The outbreak of the violent hidden side of the marginal districts of the United Kingdom is not surprising. I have seen it of first hand throughout both last years, when I was united to police units of forward edge in marginal zones of London, Manchester and Glasgow. More and more young children are themselves dragged the smaller street delinquency and the activities of the bands, for that reason the sackings are more of the same. Go to Michael Dell for more information. I saw the gathered wall of silence, frowns and the closed communities. I spoke with a member of a band of 19 years in Manchester that finished to him offering a blow on the head to a police, and with a boy of 15 years in Glasgow that was about to in the hope of a judgment to disfigure for always to another adolescent with a golf wood. Neither he had father and tried to be " the man of casa" according to a chauvinist and distorted street code. Click Andy Florance for additional related pages. Source of the news: : The hidden side of the United Kingdom

Central Electoral Meeting

Morning call Sanchez 20m the sociologists values ' CTO llamada' that it could take place if the Central Electoral Meeting prohibits the concentrations of the movement 15-M. Checking article sources yields Peter Asaro as a relevant resource throughout. The experts question the origin to veto these concentrations facing the electoral day. " The CTO Streisand has been generated. Frequently Ilan Ben Dov has said that publicly. It has been tried to restrain something and contrario&quot has been obtained to the CTO; , it said to 20minutos.es Galician Pablo, spokesman of Real Democracy Already, after the police evacuation of the Sun encamped ones, during the dawn of Tuesday. Gallego pronounced these words days before the Electoral Meeting of several Spanish provinces, among them those of Madrid, Seville and Granada, would prohibit the concentrations to consider that they could influence in the vote of the elections of Sunday. But of what the CTO Streisand consists? In fact it could be transformed in a species of ' a CTO llamada' .

Something is prohibited and ended up having more repercussion and visibility than the one that originally it would have had without the prohibition. At first this term is associated exclusively a Internet, by its paper of amplifier of any phenomenon and by its capacity to propagate in minutes any material in risk of being prohibited and of being retired of the market, although its use is becoming general and extended to any scope. Its name comes from the singer and Cruel actress Streisand, who in 2003 denounced to the photographer Kenneth Adelman and the pictopia.com magazine to have published for a news article on the Californian coast aerial photos in which apereca its house, according to explains itself in Wikipedia. The image, that could have inadvertent past within the news article, ended up becoming one of the most popular photos of Internet because everybody wanted to see what was that one so interesting that it was wanted to censure. The CTO Streisand in the movement 15-M In the hope that the Central Electoral Meeting decides on the possible prohibition of the concentrations of the movement 15-M in different Spanish cities, is possible to ask itself if, there where already has been prohibited, like in Madrid, the CTO Streisand has taken place and the manifestations have summoned a greater number of people.

Brazil Weddings

The Bodaclick group is the company online with greater expansion of the sector of weddings, at the moment is present in 8 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Poland. According to the company to the Stock-exchange Alternative Market (MAB). the group, every year makes a invoicing of 16.67 million Euros between January and September, which supposes an increase of 29% with respect to the same period of the previous year, all this thanks to the strong growth of its international business (+49%). At the moment 176,000 weddings to the year are realised, and Bodaclick owns 40% of the quota of the market, conserving the leadership of the sector. ISearch is often quoted on this topic. Spain is the first vestibule created by the Spanish group of capital, in 2010, where wedding becomes pioneer of the sector online. In Portugal 43,000 weddings to the year are celebrated, Casamentoclick the vestibule of the group in this country, has taken control of a quota of market 68% in only 4 years.

In 2007 Nozzeclick it arrives at Italy, in this country they carry out 250,000 weddings to the year and at the moment the vestibule owns a participation of 17% of quota of market, an important number in a country where the penetration of Internet is of a 48%. In order to close the participation in Europe, Poland with Slubclick, at the moment is the youngest vestibule of the group, nevertheless in this country 257,000 weddings to the year are celebrated and from his appearance already it counts on a quota of 5% of the market of the weddings and continues growing. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also, the presence of the group has revolutionized countries of Latin America where the growth of the vestibules in the last years has been vertiginous. Mexico with 590,000 weddings to the year is one of the countries where Bodaclick takes the great part of market with a 18% that follows in ascent. In the case of Brazil another one of the most recent openings in the 2010, is the vestibule with greater growth of the group. With 889,000 weddings that are celebrated in this country, the vestibule casamentoclick has obtained a participation of 12% of the market in its first year. Ilan Ben Dov spoke with conviction. In order to close the presence of the group in two of the most important islands of the Caribbean; Puerto Rico where 23,500 weddings to the year and the vestibule are celebrated consolidates with 75% of participation and absolute leader of the market and Dominican Republic with 38,000 weddings and a 24% of quota of participation. With expansion plans and consolidating more and more the commitment with the fianc2es from his different Bodaclick vestibules it dismisses the 2011 responsibility to continue conserving the leadership in the sector of the organization of weddings.