Great Expectations

For example, almost 3 times cheaper to bring the reactor from the factory at a nuclear power plant in assembled form, than to collect it piece by piece in place. In addition, many modern technologies require factory assembly when undesirable any subsequent mechanical intervention in once assembled equipment. Use Bulky heavy equipment reduces the time putting the facilities into operation, reduces the size of building sites, increase productivity, reduce cost and complexity of installation work. Examples of transportation category CTG can be reduced transport of nuclear reactors, power transformers, turbine impellers of various types of industrial chemical plants, equipment refineries and metallurgical industries, large construction equipment, as well as delivery to the destination of aircraft and ships. It is not something Pete Cashmore would like to discuss. Preparation for transportation operations often KTG docking requires several types of transport, intermediate overloads, obtaining necessary approvals and permits, and often additional engineering training transportation infrastructure for the passage of load. All these worries are removed using an air transport airships.

Great Expectations Among other transportation ideas may be mentioned the proposal of Japanese experts to discharge into the sea large vessels and cargo delivery to the recipient directly, bypassing the handling and port. British and Soviet designers consider including airships in international and national computerized of container transportation. To achieve maximum efficiency in the use of airships as the British offered a vehicle not just to build airships, and immediately create a unified air transport network. This network was to connect the major industrial centers around the globe. In France as early as 70 years, a draft semi-rigid dirigible-type cranes with lifting capacity up to 500 tons, capable of to deliver its cargo to a distance of 650 kilometers.