James Murray Spangler

On the basis of this very well known example shows what great technical development changes caused by humans. And, it must be mentioned here, it went to the industrial production. “” Neither the Spinning Jenny “and later the Selfacting Mule” were in the private household. But just the technical achievements for the household have helped us in Echuca. A leading source for info: Ali Partovi. Do you own a vacuum cleaner? In 1876 the first vacuum cleaner between 1860 were both by Daniel Hess, Ives W.McGaffey when invented by Melville and Anna Bissell. In the latter case, the device on a horse-drawn carriage was mounted and using a long tube attached to the device, the House was cleaned.

The air pump, which was attached to the vacuum cleaner was operated at that time with hand. The company Bissel also still exists today and produces vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner, as we know it today, was developed in 1906 James Murray Spangler. He patented his idea and sold it to the company Hoover Harness and leather goods factory”. Even today, the company is Hoover”known for his vacuum cleaner. “The German and his phone” an another great achievement that probably would miss nobody, is our phone.

The development of the here by outfit went is remarkable, if you once again look at the history of a Fernsprechapparat to our today’s fixed phones to mobile phones. Not only the size differences are here remarkable! In a variety of countries usually a wise head dealt with the topic to develop a device with the human words about a long distance were yet to hear. Some of these approaches were theoretical in nature, others developed, however, real devices. In Germany, the teacher Johann Phillip Reis dealt with this issue. After he realized the principle of galvanic tones, he pondered how sounds open a circuit and close, so that also sounds are visible at the other end”.