ESP Traction

Already ‘ heard the expression; ‘ how much lesser the bottle, better is fragrncia’ ‘? It seems that now it is also serving for the cars. It sees more on the new Audi A1 Quattro. The investment of the Audi in compact of entrance is great. After to be divulged details of Sportback of four doors that will arrive the Europe in the 2012 start, company German finishes to show also production of A1 Quattro, that possesss a last name that it is part of the history of the Audi, come of the classic cup Quattro of rali. The Quattro also informs the presence of the integral traction. The compact account with esportivos touchs and 256 cv of power in the engine 2,0 TSFI. ‘ ‘ carrinho’ ‘ km/h only needs 5,7 the 100 seconds to reach and possesss 245 a maximum speed of km/h.

If the ESP will be off, a1 Quattro still guarantees an excellent directional control and a dynamic stability, on account of the integral traction. In addition, the electric assistance and the direct connection with the hydraulical direction, provide one touch well esportivo, without damaging the driven by power. The new model of the Audi does not only make an impression in the power. Beyond the integral traction and of the engine to cavalar, a1 Quattro is equipped with an aerodynamic, with spoilers integrated, great air inlets in the bumpers, lateral skirts, airfoil package in the ceiling and diffuser of air in the back. The esportividade of the car is in the lowered suspension and the wheels of light league of 17 counts. On the inside, the detail of the red sewing standing out in the black esportivos banks and the details of the panel in aluminum, calls the attention.

But you are better to go cooling its head if you really thought that mimo of the Audi could adiquirir this new. 333 units of the vehicle will only be manufactured and only the Europeans will have the adquiriz possibility it.