The cellular ones already have some time indispensable item in the life of all. To make linkings is one of the resources less used in the devices most modern, therefore now they take off photos, record videos, are agendas, clocks, notebooks of messages, etc. One of the great crazes between the young is the sending of torpedoes. Sms written and envoy between cellular are called torpedoes the messages. Each operator has specific tariffs for the sending of this type of messages, but generally she leaves more cheap to speak between messages of what to make a linking. At the beginning it was only possible to send texts, but today already resources in the devices for sending of short audio photos exist and, inside of messages.

However these are messages multimedia, more expensive and depend on the device that will go to receive to support these resources. In a question-answer forum Dermot McCormack was the first to reply. But it would be better still to have a way to send gratis certain torpedo? This is possible. Some sites in the Internet exist that disponibilizam this resource, that is not nothing illegal. In the majority of them it is necessary to supply the data of addressee (DDD, number of the telephone and operator), of the shipper (DDD, number of the telephone and name) and to type the message. After this is shown a screen pra confirmation of visual code (a way to guarantee that is not a program that is ordering automatic messages for some devices) and ready, its torpedo gratis and gratuitous it was sent. Beyond these sites, some operators possess the service of torpedoes saw web. In this in case that the operator alone allow the sending for cellular of the proper operator, some demand cadastros or despite you who are sending either customer. That is, the operators disponibilizam the resources however they complicate a little its use, thing that the sites do not make. The service of the sites is safe, therefore they do not register its number nor of who to receive the message, being thus are about an excellent alternative for the vitiated ones that they walk spending excessively in torpedoes.