Car Accidents

This is equivalent to approximately eight measures of a car when it is traveled to 60 km per hour, 12 measures of a car to 80 km per hour and 16 measures of a car to 100 km per hour. If you travel perhaps while it rains you require major distances. 7) Security of the children. The back seat is the place more surely for the children of any age. Whenever it is possible installs the arresting system in the central back position.

You can forwards install a oriented infantile seat in the front seat (without stock market of air of lateral impact). It always moves the seat of the possible highest companion. You do not use an infantile arresting system that was in a shock because it can be damaged. It fits correctly to the boy. It forwards follows the instructions and asegrate of which the capsule or the seat of the boy or is equipped, with a minimum movement towards the sides or in the seat of the car. In each trip asegrate of which the safety ring for children correctly is fit, verifies that the thickness of two fingers can be inserted between the harness and the chest of the boy. 8) Concntrate in your form to handle when you lead. Commas, you drink or never you use a cellular telephone while you lead, even if you are seated in the traffic.

If you need to make or to receive a call or are hungry or thirst, looks for an suitable place to realise these activities. 9) In case of accidents. You do not admit the responsibility in the scene of an accident. Obtn the name and details of insurances and record number of the involved cars. If you have a camera or a telephone with a camera, takes photographies from the cars involved in the incident, from any caused damage and other pertinent ones. It writes down the details of the happened thing, including details of any injury or damage as soon as it is possible. If obtn is facilitated to you information of the witnesses. Original author and source of the article.