Here are several mailing lists for free that lets you send information to other members. 7.-Signatures Each year there are seven billion e-mails, I’m sure you also sends some truth? Firms indirectly attract the people we contacted daily, these are located at the end of each outgoing message and are a good option to increase their sales and get customers. Each recipient of a particular content becomes a potential customer. A good example is Hotmail, through this technique to promote managed more than 12 million customers in just 18 months, as he did? The method was as simple as including the end of every message you sent any of its subscribers the note your e-mail free. In this way, each subscriber has become a sales agent (involuntarily). Then do not forget to set your email (you can do with tools or options menu) and include your signature on all e-mails you send. 8.-ads in search engines and directories.

This method of promotion is the introduction of prominent ads in major Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo (Overture), or Microsoft MSN, each time a user searches the advertisement appears to the right of your monitor and if the user clicks on any of these ads, that action is costing the advertiser (pay-per-click), it is best that publicity is exposed only to a target audience (country is determined by language, region and keyword) will get a market that is really interested in the product or service that these marketing. It is a practical way to find customers searching for what you offer. Obviously this service has a cost ranging from $ 0.01, $ 0.05 more per click (visit only). It is worth noting that Google has had enormous success with its AdWords advertising service, if you hire the services of your Google AdWords ads appear in a column on the right side of your browser marked “Sponsored Links.” You can also view the sites affiliated with the search network and content marked as “Ads by Google ‘. 9 .- Marketing offline.

(Promotion in traditional media) to call offline marketing promotion in traditional media like newspapers, television, radio, magazines, leaflets, posters, cards, marquees, etc. While it is true that online advertising is going up like wildfire offline promotions can be profitable even always know where to go when your potential customers, to place their advertising. Even the mainstream media have their limitations and a higher cost than online promotion allow us access to a market sector that could not normally reach through virtual means, we must also take into account that the mainstream media, especially print media is highly profitable for a web business focused on the local market. A self to achieve a successful result in the issuance of a warning is important to locate those specialized in the field means that the website is dedicated item or product or service For example, if you’re selling computers can not think of publishing a notice in a pet magazine. Not require a large budget to promote off line, since we can include our website commonly used stationery and business cards, envelopes, brochures and product catalogs, letterheads, ads, signs on car window stickers, etc. otherwise we are wasting the opportunity to communicate our presence online to many people in our midst.