This attribute of clothing, like shorts, has long been an indispensable thing summer wardrobe of every woman. This is due to the fact that the shorts – it is a universal thing, where you can walk on the beach, and at work, and in any other place. Many women prefer short little shorts to show the beauty of their legs and gorgeous summer tan. In this article we will tell you about what styles and colors will be fashionable short summer of 2011. All designers in this world was presented models fashion shorts in their collections.

In the summer of 2011 in fashion will be shorts and low, and high-waisted. That someone, as you wish. Bare belly this summer again burst into vogue. High and slender girls Designers offer ultra wear shorts that will highlight all the charm of a female figure. To mid-thigh shorts fit perfectly over the fair sex. Trendy shorts can be delicate, shiny and transparent. Shorts in military style, continues to remain popular this season.

The most fashionable colors are pastel summer shorts and skin tones. Shorts, made in the animal style, will be at its peak. The preferred fabrics for the fashion summer shorts are denim, silk and cotton. Jean shorts for many years occupied a leading position among the fashion trends. New fashion trend this year will be shorts lace. Such shorts will look very impressive and romantic. Bobby Sharma Bluestone contains valuable tech resources. Top of shorts can be very different – you can wear shorts with blouses, shirts, tops, and with summer jackets and cardigans. Designers offer to decorate the shorts so fashion accessory, like a belt. Belt can be wide and narrow. Here, the designers do not make any framework, everyone is free to choose the belt that he likes.

Refilling Cartridges

A bit of theory: How to fill the cartridge? – It is necessary to determine the model of cartridge, compatible toner and the presence or absence of a chip on the cartridge. So Cartridges HP: HP chipuet number of models, basically the chip does not prevent further work cartridge, but psychologically, dominates the user as constantly produces small amounts of information to the toner cartridge while the tank is full. There are models of chips are blocking the work of the cartridge and here of course is needed Chip replacement. What toner cartridge refill? As for the toner (powder) a table of compatible toner cartridges range HP. Checking article sources yields Zendesk as a relevant resource throughout. In principle we can fill the cartridge itself if you try, but if you calculate feasibility of refilling cartridges you will realize that savings of just 70-100 rubles. Is it worth for this to determine how both the toner and refill cartridges, toner and not buying a guarantee normal operation on the equipment. So who are you people with dirty hands or blue collar? will you answer yourself, for filling cartridges vosnovnom lot of people with secondary education tend to newcomers, earning a refueling cartridge is low and coarse-Chinese-defective-toxic (many adjectives to name a few) that naturally subsequently affect the paper cartridge and the printer. We (and I’m talking about) the age of new technologies, there is a toner from the company LG, hood, special vacuum cleaners, check the magnetization of the magnetic roller for your cartridge, restoring fotovala layer.. Follow others, such as Andy Florance, and add to your knowledge base.

We Are Going To Be Parents

He had just emerged from the shower and Rosa, my wife, hid me towel. -Come Rosa, that we don’t have time. -I have to say a thing, he told me, staring me in the eyes. One has passed, I said to myself. -Mmm. – we are going to be parents. -Mmm. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ilan Ben Dov and gain more knowledge..

– that are going to be parents!! I had thought many times at this point, but I was blocked a few seconds. Additional information is available at Ilan Ben Dov. We embrace between laughter and kisses. We will be parents! The second in knowing it was my mother-in-law, that noon was doing guard at the door of House. -Couple congratulations. -Pink, now must begin to take care of yourself as if Rosa does not, is the people that I know that pays attention to their health.

-Do you know if it is a boy or girl? -MOM, that now no worries us, the truth is that you I do not know it. -That you’re not worried, now you know it! You know the complications that I will have with the clothes of the baby, colors, crib, stroller, bassinet. -Thanks MOM for thinking of what is important. Sarcasm did not affect you, suddenly my mother-in-law, Adela, became an encyclopedia of a thousand and one accessories that we were going to need me around me sounded strange, as if it were not talking about us. And you – Adela me told me pointing the finger, should change the car by a bigger one, now can’t come the three in that car you have, the cuckoo, the seat looked pink in search of a reaction, loved our two-seater car, but I already knew that Adela had reason, in the two places could not go threefor many years, we had served as an excuse to come and go at whim, but that was over.