Profiles Polycarbonate

High fire resistance (the material does not readily ignite, and flame retardant, at very high temperatures, the material melts, but does not permit the spread of flame burning polycarbonate are not accompanied by the release of toxic substances, in contrast to other plastics). The extreme lightness, low density (cell polycarbonate weighs 16 times less than glass and 3 times less than the acrylic of the same thickness). Viacom has much to offer in this field. High thermal insulation properties, low thermal conductivity (heat transfer coefficient – 2,5 W/m2K resistance, heat transmission is higher than a conventional single-layered glass, which reduces energy costs to heat and cool for about 30-50% due to low heat sheets are used for glazing buildings, greenhouses, conservatories).

High light transmission (transmission – up to 86%, polycarbonate sheets are ideal for applications that require maximum light transmission, good dispersion of light in a double-pane, no shadows, winning for by reflecting on the partitions). Good noise insulation and soundproofing. High chemical resistance (sheets can be applied even in hostile environments without changing the chemical composition and properties). Bending strength and tear.

Excellent resistance to weathering (resistance to the most adverse climatic conditions; polycarbonate suitable for use in temperatures ranging from-400C to +1200 C, a special outer layer protects the sheets from yellowing (degradation) and surface wear). Durability, immutability of properties (mechanical, optical and thermal properties of polycarbonate sheets remain immutable throughout the warranty period and even longer warranty period of 10-12 years). There is a possibility of processing sheets of specially coated (‘Antifog’), which prevents the formation of water droplets on the inner side of the sheet. This coating, which is given by Five-year warranty, durable and resistant to moisture and various chemicals. Sheets with such a coating recommended for use in the construction of swimming pools, conservatories and greenhouses, as by preventing formation of water droplets increases light transmission and reduces the incidence of plants. Safety glasses (polycarbonate resin is a viscous, so sheets made from it, not broken, do not give cracks and, consequently, sharp pieces on impact). Protection against ultraviolet radiation (a special protective coating applied on the outer surface of the sheet, preventing the most harmful to domestic premises of uv radiation). Fine structural features: – Easy-sheet allows you to create light, original and elegant design – ease of sheets can increase the area of translucent surface by increasing the width of the passage of the supporting structure – Easy-sheet allows installation without lifting equipment – large format sheet and the flexibility in the cold makes lists ideal material for covering buildings with complex geometric shapes: arched and vaulted structures, and other geometrically complex building projects – the ease of processing (sheets perfectly handled ordinary cutting tools: saws, drills, screwdrivers) – easy and quick installation (due to low coefficient of linear expansion of sheets can be profiled in view of the temperature difference). For the installation of cellular Polycarbonate uses special polycarbonate profiles that have the same color scheme, and the same mechanical properties. They are very easy to assemble and give the appearance of solid design. End Profiles intended to demarcate the ends of the sheet, and the connection – to connect the two sheets together. Connecting sections are detachable (you can adjust the clearance) and one-piece. – Reducing the cost object under construction (The use of polycarbonate lowers the total cost object under construction, so as lightweight sheet allows you to reduce the amount of load-bearing structures).