A Home For Every Child

A vision for a better Welt.Technisch feasible millions of people must eke their life in poverty in inhumane dwellings. Poverty generates more poverty, deprivation and crime. Also we can not eliminate poverty, but we have a solution for the existing housing plight. For food and clothing is a protected space to lead a decent life essential there be until today after natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and storms or man-made misery scenarios such as wars, expulsion, and slums of entire cities often only tents and blankets as restorations available. However, self-built shacks survive no storms and have no sanitary facilities. Are often not provided permanent accommodations.

Vision: A home for every child! A strong statement, but now technically feasible. The controls allows a protected life within your own walls and this GRP system at an unbeatably low price. Thanks to series production with a basic element of technology-proven, glass fibre reinforced plastic. The raw material is an inexpensive PS plastic granules with sand filled. The shaped pipe elements be recessed about 1 meter into the ground. The formed units are wind – and storm-resistant, fire – and earthquake-proof. Thanks to the low weight, they are very mobile and can be built in self Assembly kit of the people.

This system spreads around the world, can be the solution for a basic need of humans and would the lives of many and thus improve their future prospects. Migration flows can be preventing. Several GRP plant operated around the world, millions of people and especially their children thanks to better living conditions could allow a more hopeful future. With donations or micro-credit, the residents become homeowners. You can also preserve precious rain water scarce in some areas and continue to use. The residential system of controls is therefore unique, because it made of durable and is extremely cost-efficient glass fiber reinforced pipe elements. Just a few simple and cheap adornments such as hinges, profiles, bamboo sticks, tapes and tools such as shovel, spades and saws are required. Mobile because is built with light and removable pipe elements. Sure, because the Rotunda is wind – and storm-resistant and very earthquake resistant, fireproof, glass fibre reinforced plastic. Cost-effective series production thanks to consisting of cheap plastic granules, resin, glass fibers and sand as filling material. Villages or shared flats can together absorb rain water and continue for agriculture but also for resale use (income generation). Basic sanitary installations for kitchen and toilet are already integrated in the basic elements. Standard single wall or for cold regions in double-wall design. The production system can be installed locally but also mobile in the affected areas on a freighter. Peter Rossi, senior sales consultant