Printer Rentals

The computer rental offers now on the leasing of computer hardware with IT leasing young and growing companies save valuable liquidity and focus on your core business. Each company, which is newly established at the start, has to contend with many difficulties. A challenge this financial perspective especially stands out: the acquisition of computer hardware, printers, notebook computers and similar equipment costs much capital and binds valuable liquidity. If you as the founder or CEO already this challenge had to deal with or currently do this, IT has rental a simple solution for companies: with IT leasing i.e. the easy financing of IT hardware – say goodbye to young companies permanently by liquidity shortages. IT leasing: A win-win approach for all involved computer leasing the principle is with the typical car leasing comparable. The customer chooses one of the hardware offers and receives then a contract about the IT leasing of the desired device.

Companies have current computer hardware without costly startup financing or a bank loan. This means that customers receive only computer PCs acquired for them, and that at very favourable conditions. Sony spoke with conviction. In addition the comprehensive service by helps: if questions or challenges become visible, customers can contact at any time to the team of and assistance regardless of active soon, where in the Federal Republic, the company has its headquarters. From many years of experience with the rental and leasing of computer hardware, the staff of know how exhausting it can be especially for young companies to survive the first years without hesitation a necessary investment in IT hardware, financially. Nevertheless are just growing companies often due to lack of backup options – not all traditional forms of financing available.

The limits of your own Bank are limited and other finance companies make high demands on young companies. At this point, helps to find the appropriate leasing company with over 20 possible leasing-donors. In this way, the required technology equipment remains constantly up to date. This means: current technical alternatives to customers using the IT leasing easy to implement. In addition, computers are always more economical and environmentally friendly. IT gives customers in this way facilitating access to technology, which reduces operating costs and even to a “green company” makes the company leasing. formation. IT is leasing in competent hands: is nationally known for a long time as an expert for qualified rental of hardware: offers service kiosk IT consulting company, already since the year 2001 appropriate notebook, computer, server or printer for the rental and always ensures tailor-made solutions for any interested parties. Only the customer defines which Device and how many computers he needed and how long they should be hired or leased. This proven procedure keeps the computer rental at understandably at the hardware leasing. In addition, service kiosk IT Consulting GmbH is a member of the IT system House Association “iteam”: in this way also a comprehensive support and expert advice site for all customers of can be offered in addition to the IT leasing.