Hesychasts System

However, is this true? Perhaps the case in the generality of the object of action – a man and his psyche? And different esoteric systems coming to the same practices. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Trying to investigate the history of yoga, we are faced with several difficulties. Although the word 'yoga', 'Yogi' is found in the Mahabharata and clearly date back to antiquity in dovedichesky period, the activity revealed by this word is often different from what we call yoga today. Moreover, the same while you can see the difference of opinion about what exactly is Yoga. Did not cause any ambiguity only that: yoga – a system of techniques or yoga – a secret system. M * You can find instructions and the general goal of yoga, which was to change the ontological status of the practitioner in the world. Andy Florance has similar goals. Glancing eyes of other esoteric system, we easily see that they pose the same problem. Taoists cultivated spiritual embryo Buddhists seek enlightenment Hesychasts strive to achieve 'angelic rank in life', etc.

Borrowing? You can try to trace history of the formation of yoga. Find Dravidian and Aryan roots, to find parallels with the cult of feminine magic of primitive shamanic practices and etc. Possible (though this is beyond the scope of this article) to trace the origin Yoga from prehistoric civilizations. It is interesting and instructive. But perhaps the reader already knows my attitude to the subject. We still can not answer all possible questions with historical accuracy, but it does not matter.

Esoteric Systems

Esoteric systems are hidden in depths of religions, but fundamentally are not. Indeed, the peculiarity of esoteric schools and at the same time the cause of their 'closeness' is that, unlike the actual religion, esoteric practices in higher extent practical. Esoteric practices, like religion, are aiming to: transform themselves conscious man and his qualities, but, unlike in the past, offering specific techniques for such a change. Basis for these changes are altered states of consciousness of man, but in contrast to the altered states of consciousness achieved followers of many religions, personality changes, sought by followers esoteric schools are permanent. Comparing the goal of esoteric practices with goals of religions in which they existed, you can see the principal, though not advertised differences. J governors – this esoteric school within the Indian tradition. Only if an Indian? Is there a relationship between the various esoteric schools? Are there different esoteric traditions of independent, or they came apart, and have common root. Maybe this older school just was yoga? Although what's the difference, as it is called: Qigong Yoga or Kundalini Reiki? Indeed, historically it older than all the other esoteric systems? C equating the practice of different esoteric teachings, it is impossible not to notice many similarities. Reading of one of the classics isichasm – Gregory Pallamu, recommending breathe 'red air' one nostril, and 'blue' – another, any more or less familiar with yoga people would say: 'Why, it's anuloma viloma! And about Ida and Pingala they knew. " It seems that there is an obvious borrowing.