Pass showers have become now established, because it required the accessibility, and created first and foremost the absolute trend in the domestic bathroom. (tdx) The shower’s days are numbered. This year: whether for a new of bathroom, or during the renovation, the new shower solution equals in any case ground. The effect, in the shower and off to escape has become among the most nearly to marginalize. Pass shower convinced today mainly due to the design freedom that offers them. The ground, for example, can be, laid now consistently making the room harmonious not only in design but also bigger and paired with glass screens brighter and more friendly effect. Shower drains are inlaid with integrated flow into the ground and due to the different colours and impressions they adapt perfectly the appearance of the floor. Like for example the shower drains CerLine by Dallmer, offered in addition to glass in different colours in black stainless steel and even teak wood and whose unobtrusive.

noble design is awarded in multiple occasions with design awards… Thanks to the harmonious coordination the shower takes a step back in their appearance. Modern and classic bathroom furniture are thus optimally and stylishly complete the friendly, cosy ambience. Alina de Almeida helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. From the former wet-room”, so a beautifully designed space is for relaxation and recreation. The unobtrusive design of the shower drains result in completely new design possibilities for the old building. The shower trays by Dallmer just for the bathroom renovation the ideal solution are given a very low construction height.

In addition to the classic version, to attach the shower in the corner of the room or on the side of the wall and place the flow, the CerLine shower channels make it also possible, freely to build the shower in the room. So the space can be reconsidered also. For every claim and every room solution, there is the matching shower drains, making possible a new shower pleasure and preparing the way in a beautiful bathroom.