Java Virtual Machine

An important feature of the new module is the ability to configure it via the Internet. To do this on a computer that uses the alarm as monitoring station, installed Java Virtual Machine from the CD-ROM supplied with ETHM-2. Then it is necessary in the address bar of any web browser enter the IP-address of the module and alarm log in the system. After This opens the Java-based application with the existing Ethernet-Module settings for adjusting them. When you configure the module from the local machine security alarm system offers the operator the possibility of Satel for unloading and loading data in a configuration file ETHM-2, which is impossible in programming over the Internet.

To do this on a personal computer to install software ETHM-2 Soft and virtual machine Java. Another advantage of Ethernet-module is the ability to programming it so that the alarm is automatically moved from summer to winter time hours and vice versa. Moreover, ETHM-2 allows you to adjust the time according to the rules of the European Union, for an hour or dates at 2:00 on dates. For notification of alarm events fire alarm with ETHM-2 can now use e-mail. Generated alarm messages will be sent to 4 e-mail addresses, and each event can be associated with their individual subject of the message. For example, for signaling events in "Breach of input 1", you can specify the theme "Opening Doors", and events for "Breaking In 2" – "Opening". Besides Data obtained through the telephone line signal from the control panel, Ethernet-module can provide information about its current state.

Visual performance ETHM-2 is displayed using LEDs. Brief flashes of the LED indicate that the alarm is working correctly. Slow and even flashing errors reported in the memory, where stored configuration data, and uniform and rapid flashing LED indicates the process of changing the firmware of the module. New Ethernet-module ETHM-2 has already entered the Russian market, and it can be bought from the warehouse of "ARMO-Systems", which is the official Russian distributor of signaling devices and software production Satel. For more Information on ETHM-2 and other equipment for the fire alarm company SATEL please e-mail or call (495) 787-3342 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems." The Polish company is working on SATEL global security market since 1990 and specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and software for fire and security systems. SATEL produces the receiving-control instruments, systems GSM-alarm system, various sensors signal, light and sound sirens, radio kits and accessories for many security systems. By means of this company can fine-tune devices and security equipment to manage networks of Ethernet, Internet, modem or cellular phone.

Enhance Maneuverability Of Mobile Machines

At the present time to increase the maneuverability of mobile machines used turn of the new kinematics. Manufacturer Liebherr (Germany) released a shovel loaders L-509 with the new combined system of rotation that combines rotation due to frame articulate with the rotation of the rear wheels. loader several benefits: reducing truck turning radius, which improves maneuverability and reduces the path maneuver in the operating cycle and result improves the performance of the machine, a reduction half-frames with angles of 40-45 to 28 , which provides the best layout of structural elements in the gap between the front and rear wheels on each side of the machine, as well as stability of the machine in the stowed position. increase in the shoulder restraint forces for tip-over axis pogruchzika front axle, increasing the gap between the parts of the safe design of the front and back half-frames. Firm ZF (Germany) suggested another constructive solution of the kinematics of rotation of wheel tractors. Rental of construction equipment along with experienced, highly skilled machinists is available in "The Golden Age." The front steering axle APL-2000 is made with a special central beam ("pins") which one end is rigidly fixed to the bridge at the location of the main transmission and the other ending in the ball part, connected to the tractor frame, forming a universal joint. By turning the wheels of the main girder of the bridge shifted in the direction of rotation by 5 , making it possible to increase the angle of rotation of the wheels relative to the machine frame at a fixed angle steering angle relative to the beam of the bridge.

The total rotation angle of the wheels relative to the machine body 52 , which reduces the turning radius of the machine and use the increased gap between the inner edge of the wheel and body of the tractor to lay out the attachment of the working equipment. Currently, with the front axle APL-2000 new kinematics of the front wheels are manufactured wheel tractors Deutz-Fahr (Germany) and Steyr (Austria). Carraro firm (Italy) was founded Integral axle with swivel wheels. The angle of rotation of wheels relative to the bridge girder 62 . According to the company, the torque is transmitted to the wheels of the tractor, even at an angle of 62 steering angle remains constant. Except of the rotation mechanism, located inside the bridge girders, is not subject to external influences by moving the machine over rough terrain.