Solar Covers

A swimming pool in your backyard not only beautify your property, moreover also has its advantage. A large amount of investment will be in the creation of a swimming pool. So to properly maintain and increase the longevity of the pool you must use a pool cover. There are different types of pool cover available on the market. All of them have a different purpose.

But the main objective of any type of pool cover is to reduce the cost of maintenance of the pool and these also provide security to your pool. There are four main types of pool cover: solar cover i.e. cover safety, winter cover and cover sheet. Solar cover is used to reduce the cost of heating the pool during the summer season and also helps to keep the pool clean because it protects from dirt and debris. Solar cover reduces water evaporation from the pool thus saving the expenses of many gallons of water and also expensive chemicals.

The cover works trapping heat from the Sun and transfer it to water directly. The pool’s temperature rises by 10-15 degrees. In this way increases the pool use from spring to autumn. It is lightweight and less expensive. The safety cover is used throughout the year. It functions as a lock on the pool avoiding the intrusion of children and pets. It is composed of tissue either solid or mesh fabric material. The cover is made up of good quality material so that even when you make a hole in it with a sharp hole object won’t run allowing you some time to patch the hole. Top protection covers are attached to a cover with velcro straps that pull the cover over the pool. The straps are generally fixed to stainless steel springs that are adjacent to built-in brackets on a surface of cover. אילן בן דב is often quoted as being for or against this. Winter cover is used during the winter season to prevent leaves, twigs and other types of debris falling in the pool. It consists of resistant solid material and protects your pool from harsh winter conditions as the snow, ice and wind. It slows the growth of algae in the pool. Blade cover is used in conjunction with solar and cover winter cover. It is composed of open weave material. It is placed above the upper cover of winter before the fall trap and collect all the leaves, branches and debris. No matter if you have a pool at ground level or the pool is above ground swimming pool cover is a necessity for proper care of your pool. Covers for swimming pools can be considered as a great investment. If you don’t want to run the risk of choosing cover appropriate for your pool click here to get the best options for you.