Combos Internet

R has been characterized for being a company that offers quality services. Although some consider that the company has no competitive prices, services offered within their combos actually make that you deserve the penalty pay for them, in addition which allow us to save that to acquire the services of individually with any other company. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. One of the most economical combos offers us: 10 Megs of internet + 100 channels of TV + mobile internet + free R cellular and fixed, calls for only 39,90 EUR per month. We can find other offers which among other things tend to offer something similar, but expanding services, such as one connection greater than 10 megabytes or more mb of mobile internet. Go to for more information. So it is that to know more about the R Combos, as well as other offerings such as the better offer adsl movistar, you only have to visit the following web site