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But it is apparent hopelessness of his position gave him the chance to rediscover themselves. Due to the complete bankruptcy, he found his true calling and realized that all his life dreamed of becoming a writer. Just at that time one of his friends said: "Mark, you burned the bridges behind them all, so for now you have only one path – the path to success!". Today, Mark Victor Hansen – not only a popular writer, author and co-author of dozens of popular books translated into dozens of languages and millions of copies: "Chicken Soup for the Soul", "Millionaire for a minute," Decode code Millionaire, "Dare to Succeed", a gifted speaker and mentor, but also a multimillionaire, a member of the board of directors of three large companies, the founder and director of the International University of Mega-marketing literature "and a powerful publishing empire. But most importantly, his work brings real benefit to others and gives the warmth of his soul. "The main thing is never to lose heart and never give up.

No matter how hopeless it may seem to you your position, whatever may be inconsolable grief, not turn in on themselves and not give up. Your task – to throw all the remaining forces to find out which, believe me, there is always the case. And while most ordinary people are able to find the road leading from poverty to prosperity ", – concludes Mark. Feedback from participants of the training Mark Victor Hansen at some time in their minds are amazing things happen: their outlook improved markedly, and the representations made free from stereotypes. Powered by the stories of different people in parables, told with wit shine quietly earned an internal logical mechanism that makes us the truth, over which we have never reflect, close and clear. "I would like – say goodbye Hansen – to all of you gathered in this great hall (the rostrum has contained on this day in 1800 managers, partners and guests Intway), left here not with a sense of preview of a long speech that does not have any relation to you, but with a clear and simple step by step plan, which now will shape your future existence. " Hansen smiles: "And probably my most important goal was to that in the coming years to create in this company – a million millionaires. " Whatever it was, and wealth, which got a few hours of training management team and partners Intway and a million can not buy.