Is necessary, therefore, that the bishop is irreproachable, husband of one alone woman, temperante, sober, of good behavior (A.R.A brings Modest gr.: ko, smioj (kosmios) (1Tm 3:2 – 4; Tt 1:6 – 8; Lc 2:36. ; 1Tm 5:9; Tt 1:6; 1Tm 3:8, 1Tm 3:11; Tt 2:2; Rm 12:13; Tt 1:8; Hb 13:2; 1Pe 4:9); the expression Greek is ordeiro, respectable, somebody that possesss honesty. Zendesk oftentimes addresses this issue. This quality for the presbiterato is third of the series of three traces of the character that God demands that a bishop possesss. The intellectual, ethical modstias and spirituals are implicit in the context. The ministers must be modest in the direction of whom they cannot manipulate the facts, to distort the truth, nor to take off advantage of the circumstances. When applied directly the ministers, modstia also is the contraposition of> of good behavior. In first place, the original term if finds in the accusative case (direct object function), and not in the genitivo (idea of origin or ownership); nor in the agent of a preposition.

more: the word Greek wants to say respectable or honored. Vocbulo can be used to as well as mention to the people the impersonal things related the man. We find this word in elogiosa message directed a creature. Apstolo adopts it to Pablo to describe the type of clothes that the woman must dress. I Timteo 2:9 says that the women must decorate (to ataviar) with decent clothes somebody could also translate this for adequate clothes or discrete clothes to put in sequence, as in to prepare its light bulb (Mateus 25:7). However, the use joint of the verb is to decorate or to decorate. That is, when the minister fulfills ordeiramente its attributions, in general, it does not appear, does not call attention for itself; the things function well, inside of in agreement ones: it has order and modstia.