Fisheries Intrusion

The Undersecretariat of Fisheries (Subpesca) expressed concern about the intrusion of red tide in inland areas of Aysen Fjord eventual product of the construction of the Crow River. a Durante filling will be a period of 15-24 months in the fjord will receive only the amount of 3m3 / s of fresh water, creating a local and temporary increase in salinity. This can lead to an intrusion into the fjord, the pen saline. The importance of the above is that the presence of harmful microalgae Alexandrium catenella in the fjord is limited by salinity. The incumbent will analyze this situation, modeling the likely intrusion of Alexandrium catenella on domestic sectors of the estuary and provide measures to mitigate or repair says the technical report that the agency has entered the system of Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) in the context of assessment study of the Southern Energy Society of Swiss-Australian miner Xstrata Copper, which intends to build a hydroelectric dam in the Aysen Region.

Alexandrium catenella is a real pest in this area today and is directly responsible for the occurrence of the phenomenon known as red tide, which has generated several deaths on the coast and incalculable economic losses to thousands of families of fisherfolk in the southern sea. But this observation is not unique. Adding to her irretrievable loss of flora and fauna of extraordinary conditions, such as a desaparicion final pristine bodies and without the presence of exotic biota and Meullin Yulton lakes, Lake Mud Hens, the river and eventually the River Drainage Cuervoa by making a consumptive use of 98% of the total flow of this river. .

Being A Manager

As a manager you are constantly asked to do things – by his boss, by one of his colleagues against, by the head of another department, one of its employees. His working life is a constant barrage of requests from all parties. Your boss will ask you a quick report on one thing or another, in time for your next meeting with the directors or their visit to see our customers abroad. The report is, of course, very urgent. Or you will be asked to give a presentation about some aspect of the work of his department colleagues in other parts of the business. An important communication between departments and result in good publicity for you, your team and your work.

Naturally, you will receive many invitations to attend meetings which require their presence. And indeed, peers will contact you to ask small favors such as giving your particular application a higher priority than others, or diverting a resource for a different project to accelerate that process at the expense another. Needless to say, comply with the request of his colleague is “vital for the company.” All these requirements are above their normal duties, such as advancing new projects, budget planning, study the market and its competitors, the organization of staff, reviewing their progress, and planning for their formation. And, of course, are always special requests from members of his staff to meet with you to discuss any personal injury or other problem. The list goes on. If you let this constant barrage of requests to get on top of you, you will be ground under the weight of them. There will be no end to them. His work and his department will suffer.

You must learn to say NO. There are limits to what any individual or team can achieve in a given time, and works as director to set that limit. It is you to stay in control. It is very easy to always say yes, especially your boss. Everyone admires a ‘can do’ attitude. Nobody likes someone says ‘no’ to everything. But people also like to see the results. They do not want just promises. They want to see the work completed successfully. It is totally counterproductive to promise more than they can offer. If it does, then the time will not be asked more. His reputation and his team has gone forever. Therefore, be realistic. Define your limits. Draw the line. Sort the fundamental tasks that have to do at all costs and prioritize them. Then see what else we can do. Adhere to its decision. Explain. Soon it will be seen as a reliable operator. Read more from Dermot McCormack to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Others rely on their trial. They will learn that when you say you will do work that really will, and in time. And when you say that you can not do the work that they accept their word, they will know they are not just excuses.