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Increasing number of Z-Wave products in Europe: new CA tests equipment interoperability Copenhagen, February 08th, 2010 home control solutions is experiencing a real boom. As an interoperable wireless mesh networking technology of Z-Wave wireless standard international has established itself. This technology is already integrated into more than 350 home-control devices from international corporations and medium-sized enterprises. It allows, inter alia the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and safety systems. Before Z-Wave products in the trade, they will undergo a detailed functional test. The first certification centre for Z-wave devices has now opened with the pepper one GmbH in Europe.

In detailed test procedures, pepper one tests all equipment on function and interoperability. This interoperability is one of the trademarks of Z-Wave. Through the rigorous certification of all products equipped with this technology consumers and manufacturers with regard to their investments will be equally protected. Because the wireless standard is characterized in particular by the compatibility of devices of from different manufacturers. Only this will ensure that the products can still communicate even after years.

Users have the ability to combine operating devices based on this radio standards. Manufacturers themselves can be sure that in the development of new devices with Z-Wave interaction with all products of others based on this technology is ensured. The certification of both the product and the packaging is marked for the user. To ensure their operability and interoperability, pepper one deals with the development, improvement and certification of Z-Wave products. The services include extensive test programmes, assistance in the preparation of products and documentation, development services on customer request and maintenance contracts and support. The Z-Wave certification process to get a Z-Wave certification for a new product, the respective client first performs a self certification. The results of this test will be checked by Sigma Designs and redirected at decrease in pepper one.