Analyzer Mechanism Purification

Analyzer mechanism purification of memory 'of the nkvd 5.5 Analyzer mechanism purification of memory nkvd 5.5 – a tool for conducting certification tests of the au protection against unauthorized access to information on compliance with the requirements of rd Technical Commission of the Russian Federation 'AU. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Classification of the au and the requirements for protection of information "to clear (reset, depersonalization) vacated areas of computer memory. Analyzer nkvd 5.5 is designed for certification of facilities information on the requirements of information security and is used for tool verification of information security systems (GIS) as rd requirements for cleaning liberated areas of computer memory. Analyzer nkvd 5.5 has the following features: * performs an instrumental test of the mechanisms of protecting the information the au, to clean (reset, depersonalization) data released in the areas of computer memory * displays (renders) the contents of the field of memory * generates a report on that survey and its findings, conclusions of his on screen and file as directed by the operator. Verification is performed for x86 computers running one of the operating systems Windows 2000/XP/2003. Verification is carried out in the workplace with all the other speakers in normal mode by software processing, the established, configured and functioning gis nsd. The work program does not affect the functioning of the au. Where necessary, users should granted the right to run the performance test programmyvanalizatora nkvd 5.5. Verification is performed sequentially on behalf of all users of the au in all workplaces.