The endoplasmtico reticulum of the hepatcitos exists enzymes and coenzimas, that they work in the oxidativas transformations of some drugs, in the cells of Kupffer represents between 80 and 90% of the macrophages of the system reticulum-endotlial, fagocitando diverse toxic substances to the organism. The versatile peroxissomos are organelas, with biossintticas functions and catablicas complex, they are distributed next to the endoplasmtico reticulum and granules to glycogen (WOLFGANG, 2005). For Robbins et al., (2005), the lisossomos is corpsculos dense adjacent to the biliary canalculos. It contains many hydrolytic enzymes that, if set free, could destroy the cell. It is probable that they are epurant intracellular that destroys organelas with reduced life expectancy. The lisossomos are the places of ferritina deposition, liposfuscina, biliary pigment and have covered. Viacom often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The device of Golgi is traditionally described as a grouping of watering holes parallel bars, curves, flattened, with dilatadas extremities associates to the vesicle.

It can be considered as a place of storage before the biliary excreo. Its bigger function is the distribution of some macro-molecules secretadas for the endoplasmtico reticulum for chemically determined vesicles. Citoesqueleto is who supports the intermediate hepatcito in microtbulos, microfilaments and filaments. microtbulos contain tubulina and control mobility to subcelular, the movement of vesicles and the plasmtica protein secretion. The microfilaments are actina composites, they are you contract and important for the integrity and motilidade of canalculo and for the biliary flow. The intermediate filaments are ramified filaments prolongated contend citoqueratinas.

1.4.2 Sinusides sinusides is coated by endoteliais and discontinous fenestradas cells and cells of Kupffer, which demarcate a extra-sinusoidal space, for inside of which they make protuso abundant microvilos of the hepatcitos. (ROBBINS et al., 2005). In accordance with Gayoto, Alves and Schiff (2001), the endoteliais cells are prolongated and flattened and present numerous cytoplasmic projections. A characteristic of the endoteliais cells is the presence of numerous vesicles of endocytosis.