New Way

In the process of aging the level of energy metabolism is gradually declining. Indirectly, through training functions, we can increase this level. But is there a way to directly influence the energy transfer? Causes of aging set, but the basic, fundamental – it is constantly growing energy deficit, according to the authoritative “mitochondrial theory of aging.” It is difficult not to agree. We see how children are energetic and like all smaller forces remains with age. How short “youth sports”. In each cell there is a “state within a state” – the cellular organelles mitochondria (MCh). They are often called “power stations”, as they provide the cells energy in the form of a universal “energy currency” – atp. mx has its own dna, ie own genetic information and the ability to reproduce.

According to one theory, once, at a certain stage of evolution, they were independent organisms, which first learned to use oxygen for efficient production of energy from organic substances in the form of atp molecules. As such, more complex cells, “invited them to themselves to work. ” Let inside, and there was a symbiosis – a mutually beneficial coexistence. mx has been provided food and security, and the cells are effectively a source of energy. However, the genetic information in the mx, which provides their reproduction, is in a much more severe conditions than the genetic information in the cell nucleus. Production of energy in the form of atp – a “hazardous industry”. So called. “Free radicals are constantly ‘bombarded’ dna mx.