I have dream and it’s early. I can’t get up early after vacation. I want to start working, but need another Cup of coffee. I look around and my eyes are fixed on the reproduction of Dali which hangs on the wall. I am not an expert in art, however I like this box and for the first time what I wonder. I remember the day I bought it: was in an exhibition of Dali. I chose it for this reason, only because it was Dali’s, there is no artistic criteria. I enmarque it back and hung it.

I look at it and I take pride in my good taste. If someone arrives it is not uncommon to stay seconds contemplating it. It is a surrealistic painting with Lions heads embedded in white eggs. I don’t know what they mean, but attract me. Further back people with hands and vases. In the distance is observed a castle, but these details that remain undetected if you don’t appreciate them with detention.

Ants!, are huddled in an egg. They are that amazed me. If you are not convinced, visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone. If they look real, I see them walking and eating an insect. I remember that in my childhood I liked look at ants in the garden of my house. Dali painted them with patience, was not an easy job. Even the famous painters need paint ants to highlight. I was never interested in modern art, however I like this picture and at the same time I do not understand it. The feelings that it provokes and I guess that this is art, in feelings flowing through a painting, a sculpture or a book are strange. Hopefully soon visit another Museum and you can buy another reproduction like this. Best regards.