The use of massage, spend some oily substance usually increases the body's defenses, growth hormone, reduces stress, eliminates relaxing substances that control blood cholesterol naturally, high blood pressure etc. Gain insight and clarity with Samsung. And this without the hand movement is in a certain way, only the hand maintained contact with the skin throughout the body increases the level of substances that are our internal pharmacy, activates cellular memory to processes of healing and health vibrante.Es wonderful to receive a full course of Ayurveda in a specialized clinic. But while we find our source of abundance and we have the money to pay it, we have our own home Ayurvedic SPA economica.Podemos simply and Ayurvedic preparations have good quality with great results, I'm using especially one with incredible results, take one ounce three times a day, you can find information in my Web pages. Get a good quality oil in any health food store, cold press, can be Sesame, Olive oil or rice bran oil which is cheap and excellent skin. He would add a few drops of essential oils according to what you want to look, you can be a combination of a few drops of tea-tree and lavender. Take care that are pure, natural and complete. There are simple tests to check the quality of an essential oil (the price is one of them, and the amber bottle) you put in an amber glass bottle or a small vasijita clay or ceramic and foil well with tapas or something more organic.

You apply it around the body with gentle friction, you can get on the Internet a guide to self massage or you ask someone what you applied, can be something wonderful to share with the couple, seeking together a way of harmonizing body and mind. The atmosphere should be warm and tambien.Pon oil essential oils in a burner, candle or electric aromatize. Put a relaxing music. You can find music in accordance with each Dosha: vatta, Pitta or Kappa. With regard to food as Ayurvedic medicine, food must be in accordance with the constitution individual (prakryti). In later articles we will share what foods are best to bring each Dosha and a broader explanation of the treatments that we can apply at home. Guegoglanian Lilian Rivera. .